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Why shouldn't you call an enlisted Marine "sir"?
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Why shouldn't you call an enlisted Marine "sir"?

I read somewhere that an enlisted Marine would not appreciate being called sir. I can't even begin to imaging why. Someone clue me in please!!!


Magic Gatherer
Traditionally the address "Sir" is reserved for commissoned officers in most military forces. Some will include warrant officers as well.

But never will an enlisted man be call "Sir" while on duty and in uniform. His wife or children at home might well be inclined to call him "Sir", but that is a private matter.

I think that anyone who signs up to defend the freedoms that we all enjoy should be called "sir" or "mamn" or any way of conveying our respect and pride for what they do for US!

you could call him jarhead instead, or hey you, or baby killer if he doesnt like to be called sir.

An enlisted person works for a living.

This is a very old military protocol. Not just US Marine, but in most Armed Forces in the world. Armies used to be lead by the nobility, and most notably Knights, whose title was Sir. Thus officers were referred to as sir. The fighting man was generally a serf, or a working class man without nobility and thus without title.

Calling an officer, sir, is a gesture of respect, not for the person but for the rank. Officers must take responsibility for their actions and the actions of the women and men under their command. They may not do the actual work, but they're the ones that are blamed when things go very wrong and rightly so. Their job is to direct and ensure resources are their for the soldier to do his/her job.

Officers spend a great deal of time training and learning how to manage people, resources and plan months in advance. Do not disrespect their position. If you are lead by a good officer you will be victorious.

"Sir" in the Military is a title for officers. Enlisted men work rather than drive desks, therefore they do not appreciate being called "Sir,"

Any enlisted person (Army, Marine, or otherwise) does not want to be called sir because sir is for officers. You will more than likely be told that the enlisted "work for a living."

I call pretty much every man I meet sir, so if it's simply out of respect (like me), I don't think it would be an issue. Otherwise, I'd guess it's because he's not an officer.

because they have different ranks just like the army, navy, ect and they fight for this country like any of those they deserve some form of recognition for doing so

I served in the marine corps do not call me sir I work for a living. Also this dates back pretty far, it's to show respect to someone of authority or who has earned more knowledge or greater experience. Mainly to show respect. Something a lot of younger people do not have any more.They think they deserve respect or respect them first to get respect. F**K off respect is earned and those who earned it I call sir.

I think you have the "sir" thing down.
I'm in the Air Force and I tell my troops not to call me sir because of it's ambiguity. It give me the impression they are not paying attention to whom they are talking to and they are just throwing out the word w/o any attention.
Besides, officers are desk jockies, most enlisted people don't like to be associated w/ back office slackers. It's a blue collar vs. white collar thing, I'd say.

Officers are addressed as sir or ma'am, not enlisted personnel.

Most prob because he is carrying around an M16

It's because he's enlisted, but if he's not in uniform, then he's just being stupid . . .

"Sir" is designated for Officers only. Non-commisioned officers (enlisted personnel) find it offensive to be associated with officers. For instance, the nickname for an officer is" Zero".

Untamed Rose
their is s a saying in the military "dont call me sir! i work for a living" only officers (who in general are not regarded highly) are called sir
to call an enlisted sir is an insult

You can call a marine, a soldier, a sailor, or an enlisted coast guard sailor anything you care to, but in those services, the enlisted personnel address the officers as sir.

Within the context of the military the lower ranked people would not be called sir.

However, in normal day to day life (ie: you are wait staff helping military people of any sort male or female) sir/ma'am and other polite behavior should rule.

Also, if you are NON-military personnel, for example working on a military base as a secretary, you are not required to salute or things like that. However, calling your boss Sir or Commander would be the correct thing to do. You would not call these people "Mr Smith". Again, believe me, people will let you know what to call the higher ups.

If you are actually IN the military, don't worry, it will be made clear to you how to refer to people. SIR YES SIR!

It's because the enlisted Marine (or other branch) "works" for a living, so you use his rank.
But an Officer is deserving of the respectful "Sir" because of the amount of learning he or she did to get to that level.

"Sir" is reserved for officers in all the branches of the US military. There is a general envy/disdain for officers among enlisted personnel, so they don't appreciate being confused with an officer.

It's possible that you're accustomed to being polite in the civilian world by calling all men "sir." In the military, different customs prevail, and you should adjust accordingly.

Because thier "Grunts"

Only Officers are called "sir"

Enlisted are called by their rank - "Sergeant", "Corporal", etc

Because that implies he sits in the office all day and does paperwork like an officer.

He's not an officer...he's a soldier....a fighter...not a company man.

HD-Bikerin Fla
only commissioned officers are called sir.

I don't call anyone "sir"...I'm not in the military, don't believe in the military (big difference between today's military and the minutemen who actually fought for our "freedom")...if some military type demands I call them "sir", I'll tell them I will as soon as they eat the peanuts out of my poop.

Ask any Marine Gunny "Gunnery Sargeant" and their answer will be: "Don't call me sir, I work for my pay"

Katie R
i think your supos eto say officer.. but realy.. do you go around calling people sir alot anyways? and how are you supose to know ? only if there in full atire.. and in that case.. id just call him "hey you" saves any confirtation lol

what is he is inlisted alex

I don't think this is true.

its not just marines, its like that in the army also. we enlisted personnel "work for a living" as we like to say. so never, call us sir

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