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Will war ever stop?
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Will war ever stop?

we are all humans and killing each other why?
do you think war will ever stop?


When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.

war is co-terminus with the world....it finally stops when this world stop turning .....

Further---.it only takes a breather like Yahoo Answers!!!!

The people in charge of waging war are the ones making a profit off it Bush/Cheney

so, no as long as there is profit to be made, war will continue

As long as there are people there will be wars, we are genetically predisposed to violence.

Albert Einstien said 'So long as there are men there will be war.'

He was pretty smart.

As long as fantics keep wipping up the common man in to nationalizim.

no, as long as governments have a law of the jungles attitude. it's sad. the powers that be should work for the better-meant of man-kind. but, the Almighty buck is more important than people.

'Only the Dead have seen the End of War'


No. From the moment the first human picked up a rock because he realised that his neighbor had something that he needed, there has been conflict. The tools have changed...and will cointinue to change...but conflict will always be a reality. Even more so in the future as resources become less and less avaliable and population bigger and bigger. In a world of anarchy, which is what states exist in (IE there is no governing authority above the nation-state), I'm going to do what I need to do in order to get the best benefits for myself at the least cost possible...whether that means cooperation, political maneuvering, or all out violent conflict. Call it greed....call it whatever you want....but that is simply the way the world works and always has. The idea of Altruism may give you that warm fuzzy feeling of moral superiority, but in practice it doesn't work. The lion doesn't sacrifice himself so the gazele can live....doesn't happen...no way...no how.

Not as long as religion tells us the other guy is always wrong

Sean D
no not even if there were only two people left on this earth they would fight each other to the death there will always be war

Given the past 5,000 years of History, I see no reason to expect that it will.

Once we discover alien in outer space. Then we will switch to fighting them.

Sadly never. Someone will always be violently resistant to something.

Mark H
The original Michael Shara in his novel "The Killer Angels" has Sgt. Killiarain speaking philosophically to Joshua Chamberlain. "well if man is an Angel, he certainly is a killer Angel". When I was young and earned my first degree at RIT I remember my fraternity having a minor party at the lake to tell me goodbye. All of us slightly drunk on beer and looking at the sky and talking how we were going to morally and technically advance the world and solve its problems. It is over thirty years now and it is the same world, with the same problems. Technology has advanced though. No, I doubt very much we will stop killing each other. Certainly not in my lifetime, probably not in yours. Religion is just one reason. If not over that we will find others......There is another saying from the Civil War, about the "better Angels of our nature", maybe some day it will happen it has not yet. In the mean time I have spent my adult life in defense work. As long as anyone attacks our country I will do my best to do my part to defend it......

The war may 'officially' stop but people will still be stationed in the middle east

No. People by nature are greedy -- for themselves and for those they love. Our population is unsustainable and the more and more outrageously high it becomes the more we will fight for resources. Sad, but logical. ;(

I believe war is part of our evolution, and we are slowly and painfully learning from it. It's amazing we have survived this long without killing each other yet.

I do believe that war will end one day. Most of us agree in the futility of war as a development tool. Once we all learn to value every life and not put religion and greed before it, we shall ascend to a higher level of existence.

Ego, fear, greed.... on and on. As long as there are humans there will be war. Just the way it is.

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