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Will zoloft show up in a military drug test?
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Will zoloft show up in a military drug test?

Ok a little back ground. My husband was being stupid and i want to be mad but first i want to know if its going to be a problem. My husband took one zoloft saturday, two sunday, two monday, none on tuesday, then had a drug test wednesday morning!!! now i need to find out if that's going to show up. By the way the zoloft is not a prescription for him.
Additional Details
Yes i know he needs to be more mature and take more responsability for his action... trust me i am very upset with him. But i just want to know whats to come!


No, it won't show up.

Sure will...for months after...

Winter Blossom
Yes, it could show up (depending on what they are screening for). If your husband is in the military he should not be taking medicine that is not prescribed to him, that is a sure way to get discharged. When they find the medication in his drug test they will ask him if he is being prescribed that med, and if he is not he is in some deep trouble. He needs to be more mature and take his career choice more seriously.

Guitar Player Dude
Probably not. Unless there are amphetamine, cannabis, opioid or cocaine compounds in Zoloft, it's doubtful.

No. In addition, Zoloft is prescribed by military physicians, so if he feels that it was a benefit to his state of mind during previous use, he can request to speak with his Behavioral Health Services for an evaluation and could get a prescription.

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