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Is prison a good form of punishment?
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Is prison a good form of punishment?

Do you think prison is a good form of punishment or is it just a big waste of time and money?


At the very least, It protects society from criminals for a period of time. I would think that the reality of prison would be a deterrent, but it doesn't seem to deter many. If you have a better solution that would spare tax payers, victims, and citizens, please share it with your Governor.

No. It doesn't do anything other than take criminals out of society for a few years and stopping them personally offending - it doesn't do anything to address crime rates or why people offend in the first place. Prison teaches criminals to become better (they learn off each other as to how to get better at it) and doesn't stop people committing crime.

Quite as to what the answer is I don't know - but it's not prison.

Jake Rather
It depends on how a person was raised, those that were raised to take responsibility for their own actions, the answer is "yes", and they should get a second chance in life after serving their time.

But for those that were raised liberal, and everything gone wrong in their life is always the fault of someone else, the answer is "no", and they should get 99 years in the electric chair.

Ricardo s
It may not be the best form of punishment, but it gets them off the streets and makes life safer for you and me.

Any more it is just a big waste of money. Pandering to criminals is one of the reasons I don't like the liberal idealists. Prison should be a place NOBODY wants to go to. Take away the tv's the modern workout equipment the free college education the unlimited access to the court system and everything that makes it seem less a prison. Maybe if they were a little crueler and harsher there wouldn't be so many criminals... make everyone stay in their cell, no outdoor activity, no courtyard gangs, no email, no human contact......

unrepentant poster
Unless you want killers and child molesters just walking around it is either jail or a bullet to the brain. You decide

yaa..i think itz gud...4 criminals...dey deserve dis...punishment....nd may b dey change after release...

most of the time they dont have anything else to do with the criminals.
so prison is the answer, unfortunately.

It's That Guy
I don't think prison's real purpose is punishment, or at least we don't use it for that, we use it to keep criminals off the street so they can't do more harm. And we certainly need them for that, but as a 'correctional' or 'rehabilitational' institution prison is underused. We don't believe in rehabilitation anyway.

The problem we have is that crime and punishment issues have become so highly politicized. Politicians try to bash each other for being soft on crime, and to outdo each other on being tough on crime. This means we pass laws that are more and more strict, jigger the court system to give prosecutors more power and judges and defenders less power, and double and triple prison sentences. We do these things for their own sake, regardless of their cost-effectiveness or their effectiveness as a deterrent to crime. Consequently, we can't build prisons fast enough; they are overcrowded as soon as they're built. And there's no money in the budget for rehabilitation or career training or any of those things.

Here in California we have tripled our prison population in 15 years. We doubled sentences for most crimes and then doubled them again. Then we put in a 3-strikes law that makes your third serious crime a 25-to-life sentence, but we didn't remove the law that makes a third crime a felony even if it's a minor matter like shoplifting. So we have guys going to prison for 25-to-life for stealing a slice of pizza. We are spending so much on prisons that we can't afford schools. In fact some state politicians have seriously suggested just shutting down a few state college campuses and converting them to prisons. And any politician who has the nerve to criticize this 'reign of terror' is bashed as a 'criminal coddler'.

If we could make our streets safer by locking more people up, we'd have the safest streets in the world! 8^)

Captain Moe
Depends on the prison. You do it like most states, where they get cable TV, then its a big waste of time.

You do like that sheriff in Arizona, where they sleep in old army tents, and get meals that cost the state less than a buck a piece, then its a bit more bang for the taxpayers' money.

Ok, so I checked, the Arizona sheriff's meals cost the state about 15 cents each, and he has 2000 inmates in his "tent prison"


I do not think that prison is punishment. Prisons are holding stations for those who are some way deservant of being in a holding cell.
It is the attitude of the person in the prison that thinks that what he did was good and that putting him in this cell is punishment for a good deed.

a crime is a crime, and everyone who commits one knows the consequences. I do think though that some should stay in for the rest of their lives.

It all depends on what you're trying to achieve. I think it's not a particularly effective form of punishment, per se, but that it is a very good deterrant for first time would-be offenders. I think, however, that once someone has served a significant "stint" in prison, it won't be viewed with that much dread, and won't stop ex-cons from taking criminal risks.

Besides, the whole point of modern justice is not to punish, but to deter and rehabilitate, and keep criminals off the streets. It does only a good job deterring people who haven't been to prison, I think, does a lousy job rehabilitating, ut is useful for keeping criminals off the streets.

I guess, one problem is that there aren't any reasonable alternatives. So prison's basically here to stay.

Yahoo Answer Angel
It serves two purposes: 1) punishment...for those who like the three square meals, the roof over the head, and the man on man romance....it's not much of a punishment.
2) It keeps the thugs off the streets for periods of time. That, I very much like and will pay taxes to continue.

It's a good form of punishment. Rehabilitation has been tried over and over. It's failure rate is abysmal and that's why we are back to warehousing the problem children.

its a good punishment but its not a good rehibilitation. america doesnt want to rehibilitate anybody, they just want to keep them in jail. lock everybody up, thats the mindset.

No the current law system has been skillfully designed over alot of years to get people familiar with punishing other people to the point that it's common place, so we don't see that now , in todays reality, you me , anyone can get sent to prison for an act that can fall under one or more law violation
Get used to the thought of imprisonment and slavery ~ It's coming for all good men and women.

It's perfect for corrupt police officers.

As a form of punishment?
Where is the punishment?
Inmates are not made to work anymore, are fed 3 meals a day, have free medical, free dental, free eye care, free clothing, free GED, free trade (vocational school), free room and board.
The only thing that is not free is the inmate. They are not free to come and go as they please, are not free to leave the facility for term of sentencing.This is the only freedom one has the freedom to come and go as they please. Rehabilitation? about 66% fail with in the first 2 years of release.

♥ KiKi is going 2 be a big sis ♥
it's not a waste of time but that doesn't mean that all crimanals learn there lesson when they get out of jail some don't and countiue to break the law so if they get caught again their sentence is longer. but also crimanls actually have a lot of free time they can go to school while in jail have jobs and earn money for the things they need. so they do get to have some sort of a life

Depends what what you think a "good form of punishment is".

I think keeping criminal scum away from the rest of society is a worthy in its self. I don't agree with all the benefits they get inside which is where the waste of money comes into it.

As for rehabilitation, what a joke. I can't believe people still believe crim scum can be rehabilitated. They have spent their entire lives developing their criminal mindset, and some dumb@ss thinks a short stint in prison will take care of it.

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