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Should 14 Year Olds be Allowed To Drive?
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Should 14 Year Olds be Allowed To Drive?

i need answers supporting why 14 year olds should be able to drive for a class. nothing against 14 year olds driving please
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this is for a class, i need to support this side of the argument


cus we can r a pe the traffic like i did yo granny

Do you really expect to get anything supporting that?

The only support I have for it, is that it means tons and tons of presumptuous 14 year olds who have no business driving, will get themselves killed.

Thus leaving the roadways open to more mature drivers, who can show responsibility.

But that's just Darwin's theory.

G Mac
there are too many 14 year olds, allowing them to drive would thin the population a bit.

but seriously there is no reason they should be allowed to drive. 16 is too young.

Julia B
you shouldnt support that

The ability to drive should be based on skill and maturity, not age. Age doesn't necessarily mean anything. I've known a lot of 14-years-olds who I would trust with a car (or ballot or even a beer bottle) more than a lot of people of age. If you can pass the test you should be able to drive. If the test doesn't prove people are safe to drive that says more about the ineffectiveness of the test than it does about the kids.

I don't think a lot of parents would choose to let their kids drive anyway, nor do I know a lot of 14-year-olds who could afford their own car/insurance/gas, so it's not like the roads would suddenly be full of 14-15-year-olds. We wouldn't have a lot of 14-year-old drivers for the same reason we haven't had a lot of 18-year-old mayors and 35-year-old presidents. Sure it's legal, but the real question is one of qualification.

Basically the parents are responsible for the kids until they're 18 no matter what they let them do, so I certainly would require a legal guardian to co-sign for a driver's license for these younger drivers. But if the parents decide they trust their kids to drive, and the teenager can prove they are qualified, I don't think it's the government's place to interfere with that decision based solely on age.

To get a marriage license in my state you need to be 18, but you can get married at 16 with consent from parents or guardians (or younger if you can get a court order). I think this would be fair to apply to drivers licenses - that you can get one two years younger with consent.

Hope that helps.

well, if you need support, you can say in a video game age, many 14 year olds drove cars and video games and may know some of what to expect. Also, driving is a relatively simple task; it just takes responsibility.

I think that"s to young !

Shouldn't be allowed.
But Montana allows under restriction and under certain condition

Well country kids can drive their trucks around their property, so why should city kids not have the opportunity to do so. You might be able to use that, however I do not support kids of 14 years to be driving around, it would just be unsafe.

Stuart H

no because their bearly freshmens

My dad had his licens at 14

i fully support learning to drive at an early age. maybe not 14, but i think i was around that age when i started getting behind the wheel. granted, it wasn't on the street, cause it was illegal, but i was driving country roads and on private property. by the time i was old enough to get my permit, i was quite good at driving. i'm 27 now and drive for a living. i can't think of any other way to spend your life. my 4 year old daughter loves to sit in the driveway and turn the steering wheel and honk the horn, mess with turn signals, etc. you betcha that when she's old enough to touch the pedals and turn the wheel, we'll be out there safely learning the basics in a safe environment.

should it be legal? undecided.

If you could pass the test and be able to drive with the right level of awareness and maturity then you should be able to get it.

Yes they should be able to drive....not get a license but at least have their permit. This can give the more time to practice so when they get their liscence they are more experienced.

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