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which war did america experience direct millitary attack upon its own territory?
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which war did america experience direct millitary attack upon its own territory?

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in world war 1-ww2-or the vietnam war or all of the above


Ann Hatford
Pearl Harbor but that was before USA joined the war.

Funny thing is that we weren't willing to join or help until we were attacked!! Others like Canada and Australia joined even though they weren't attacked.

The 1812 War was the first.

There are several after the Revolutionary war. The War of 1812 and the Civil War were just two. During World War 1 there were some explosions and a bombardment in the US caused by the Germans.

World War II
The War of 1812 (though America attacked first)

Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican-American War, War Between the States, Indian Wars (if you consider killing then taking land away from the people who live on it and claim it as your own acceptable), WWII (Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and occupied some of Alaska's Aleutian Islands until the end of the war and the Germans had saboteurs in the mainland US).

All military actions after WWII do not fit the technical and legal definition of war so I do not consider terrorist acts as acts of war but as crimes, though my source does and others do. You will also notice that since the "Civil War" does not meet the definition of a civil war I do not call it such.

The Spanish American War does not fit. The places where battles took place (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Philippines) were Spanish colonies and were taken as a result of Spain losing the war; they were not US possessions prior to the outbreak of hostilities.

war of 1812 then wwii they attacked while trying to trick the us by saying their friends.they were IN America signing a peace treaty while we got attacked in pearl harbor

Poncho Villa felt betrayed by our gov't because we ended up siding with another Mexican leader over him so he then made an attacked on American soil (Columbus New Mexico). We sent in 10,000 troops to hunt him down but we could never find him. We ended up leaving because the nationals (Mexicans) were getting pissed off at us because we treated the Mexicans badly and ran sacked their villages.

Jeff Jeffrey Jeffes Jr.
You mean United States? MILITARY!

WW2 - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii !!!

Revolutionary war and the War of 1812.
Really guys stop saying pearl harbor she said direct military attack pearl harbor was initiated by kamikazes not foot soldiers.

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