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What do you think will happen if America and Russia go to all out war what will be the outcome?
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What do you think will happen if America and Russia go to all out war what will be the outcome?


Russia will win! have you seen their militants???
and it will not be WW3, it will just be between USA and Russia!!!
and in a few weeks of both of them being at war, CHINA will control the World!!!!

NeoLibs are Pathogens
The rockroaches and liberals would still remain.

The Captain
A much smaller population for said countries and their allies

Armageddon! :)

At this point, Russia would be toast, along with the eastern and western seaboards. and China, and India, and Israel, and Iran so on and so forth. But the US and most of Latin America and Africa would survive.

Yahoo! Princess
We Reps will grab our guns and fight and the Dems will poop their pants. USA wins.

Won't happen. It costs to much. Both sides will do a lot of posturing and everybody will make money on the jobs the "cold war" will make. Besides the Oil companies and Big business would just cut them off, unless they stood to make more.

Iron Clad
A lot of people will die. On both sides.

Jake C
Well, for one thing, both nations have been sponsoring disarmament programs, so the nuke level is going to be somewhat lower. I read an article once stating that if such a thing happened in 1988 (the nuclear peak), worst-case scenario would have 1.3 billion dead, mostly from fallout. Given that a big part of this would be an orbital EMP to shut down all defenses, my guess would be that NORAD has hardened systems which could intercept the missiles. Keep in mind that all nukes need to go off on their own to be nuclear; anything hitting them with enough force causes the mechanism to fail. This decreases the impact of the nukes.

In addition, it's important to consider the political climate of the situation. Such a war would necessarily be preceded by heightened political tension, causing an increase in the defenses at home. All this combined with the fact that there are fewer nukes now than there were then means it would be much less costly. I'd say 450 million if Russia strikes first, and less than half that if America struck first.

Russia's economy is still in shambles after the end of the war. Most Russians believe the mob controls the government, which is probably an accurate assessment. Additionally, Russia's population is much lower than that of the US, and their military capacity has been greatly diminished.

Long story short, America comes out less beaten than Russia, and China dances on both their graves. Argentina and Canada probably manage to emerge as major players as well.

Depends on where the war were to take place. Maybe they could attack Alaska and get rid of Sarah Palin and we could all thank them.

I am Russian.

From what I can tell, if something like all-out war starts, we're all toast. US will die in a very, very cold and painful way, because of nuclear winter.
Russia will be obliterated instantly... and you know why? We won't launch the missiles, we'll just detonate them all on the launchpads.

depends, when? i
f let's say the US is able to complete it's missle defense system before the russians are able to develop a counter-measure then i think the US would win. because we have something the russians don't.

STEALTH TECHNOLOGY, we can achieve air superiority like during WW2 (not complete superiority like in the gulf wars though). then it will become a slow but inevitable defeat for the russians.

Hannah- life is a goldfish bowl
The world dies , either from the blast or a slow and painfull death , not Pretty

America will probably win because Russia isn't part of the Soviet Union anymore. So it's not as powerful as it once was.

The outcome depends on what other countries get swept up into it in the process.

An all out (nuclear) war where the targets were strictly limited to within the borders of the USA or Russia might have a chance of allowing enough human life to remain in the world to perpetuate the species. But then again, it may not. We just don't have enough prior data about wind borne radiation to accurately model it.

A nuclear war that sweeps up every continent in the world is pretty much a death sentence for everyone, though I think some form of life would survive and find a way to start everything up again. 200 million years from now their archaeologists might be studying our ruins and wondering what happened to cause us to go extinct. Maybe they'll attribute it to a meteor or something the way we do with dinosaurs.

Probably WWIII.

I hope that doesn't happen, but I feel a lot safer with a president like Obama. I know that's the last thing he would want, unlike Bush and McCain who would probably try and provoke it.

If Obama is president he will surrender and Russia will overtake us. Democrats are pansies.

VidaLoca Libertarian
It will never happen... it is a LOSE/LOSE propostion.

K'lee... I would insult your lack of intelligence, but I don't want to have my comments reported AGAIN.

If you think turning the other cheek to Russia, China, N. Korea or any other nation bent on the removal of America from its current position as a hegemony, or negociating with terrorists is the right answer to keep America strong and free, you are mistaken.

If that is the course Obama chooses to take, he will not last through one term, much less 2.

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