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Can i Pump Gas in a Car while Car is Running?
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Can i Pump Gas in a Car while Car is Running?

I have asked alot of people this question, but is it dangerous to pump gas into your car while your car is running? I seem to get alot of different answers in regards to this. Some people say its okay, some people say its really bad... Just the other day i was at a gas station and a guy had his 2007 RX-8 on while pumping his gas...


I always leave my car running in the winter when i pump gas cause i leave my kids in the car. My kids and I are still here and I have been doing it for 8 years.



nuff said

Jamie G
not unless you want to explode!

Brian A
99.999% of the time you can do it without a problem. It's that 0.001% of the time that you will wish you just shut the engine off. Some people just seem to have this gas wasting, leaving their engine running while they pump gas, run into the store, etc, fetish.

it can be dangerus. the fumes will spread, and could ignite from ur sparkplug. or any loose wires, hot wires and even ur exhaust. i work at a gas station and i ask people to turn the cars off. the is an average of 100 thousand litres of fuel or maore at a gas staion. yhere is 4 litres in a gallon.

The main problem is that any sparks from the engine "could" ignite the gasoline. It's rare, but it has been known to happen. That's why most, if not all gas stations have a sign telling customers to turn off engines and to put out cigarettes while fueling.

Wounded Duck
I don't think its worth the risk of killing yourself and everyone else at the station. Just follow the rules. They are there for a good reason!!!

I don't think so.

I would not like to try!

Steven C
You can but there is a chance that you could blow up the entire gas station.

yes you can but it is highly recommend that you don't
You should not even use your cell phone while you pump gas.

any small electrical spark can cause an explosion.

Although Snoops claims its false..It just hasn't happened.

but fire and gas don't mix than add all the chemicals at the gas station and the gas lines that run down that street.
I wouldn't risk it.

It's not totally unsafe, and your car probably won't explode and burn down the city if you do it, but some places have laws that require you to shut down your engine prior to refueling... You could be subject to citation and fines if you don't comply with the laws.

Fiazah S
If you look (at least where I am) it says, no smoking and no engine running. I have done it with no prob. and I have seen others do it, but I guess It is just a matter of time before there is a fire ball (like with cell phones). I'd say knock yourself out, but I believe proabablity will put you in a situation that you(or you witness) a fire hazard... It is rare so make it rarer by not leaving your engine on.

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