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Can i drive at the age of 14?
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Can i drive at the age of 14?

My mom is pretty handicap, it hurts her to drive an go grocery shopping take me to school, etc. I have dropped out of public school and i am now i am home schooled so i can be around the house when or if she needs me. I am only 14 in the 9th grade an i am very responsible, i was wondering is there some way i can like drive to help her with task like grocery shopping, driving her to doctors appointments etc, someone please let me know!
Any answer will be helpful
Thank you


i am a person
Actually yes ,if you have big body

No you can't.
You can start the process of getting your license, though, so by the time you are 15 and 1/2 you can have your permit. You have to be 16 to have your license, I believe.

Insomniac Tryin to Help
Actually, there ARE some instances where you can get your license at a younger age. Usually, in Rural areas where its a long drive to even a bus stop for school, working on a farm, etc. Your best bet is to go to your local DMV, and ask them. They'll know of any loopholes that might allow you to get a limited license, but the likelihood is slim. The people who will know the local laws best are at your DMV.

Good luck with everything, and well wishes to you and your mother. I hope things go well, and that her health improves.

Jim Stark
sorry, but there's no exceptions to the legal driving age(except for farm permits, but they don't allow you to drive on public roads).

Legally, No.

Yes, there is "some way". The way is to move to a foreign country that allows someone who is 14 to drive.

You seem like a very mature person for your age and I commend you for taking up a high role in your house. Unfortunately, your age is a bit too young to get your license as you need to be 16 to get your drivers permit.

Just wait a while longer and you'll be able to drive, just not right now.

Max Cruise
The answer is no.
Here is a task that a responsible person will do to answer a question.
Go to the source for the correct answer. Contact your state Department of Motor Vehicles in person, on the phone, or on-line and ask your question. Then you will 100% know the answer to your question.
Good Luck

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