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Hitting animals on the road, what should I do?
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Hitting animals on the road, what should I do?

If I hit a dog, deer, or any other small animals on the road, do I have to call the police? Or do I just drive away? Would it be considered hit and run?


In some places you must report to the local law enforcement agency (usually the police) if you hit an animal on the road.

The same goes for large wildlife. Inform them that the animal is obstructing traffic and someone will remove it shortly.

They will then contact the appropriate organization to remove it.

Yes in many areas it is a crime to hit an animal and leave the seen..

I've never heard of hitting an animal and driving off being criminal. Now, if you hit what appears to be someone's pet, the courteous thing to do is to try to find the owner and apologize.

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well, you are legally supposed to call the police, it isnt considered a hit and run but you can get into a lot of trouble if someone saw you do it and you didnt report it. best bet call the police and they will tell you what to do.
oh but if it isa rodent or something las small as that you dont have to call, but pets and bigger animals report the hit.

It varies from state to state, but in NY, you must report it if you hit a dog, cat, horse or cow, or any crash that does over $1000 damage to your car. Deer can easily do over $3000 damage.

Firecracker .
In many places, hitting a dog must be reported.
Here, it's a crime not to:
264:31 Report of Injury to Dog. – The driver of any vehicle who knowingly strikes a dog and fails to report the incident to the dog's owner or custodian or to a police officer as soon as possible, shall be guilty of a violation.

In any case, a police report will do you nothing but good.
It gives you something for the insurance company besides a bashed car.

Most wild animals will run off into the woods scared or to die. But if you hit someone's pet you need to stop and attempt to give assistance.

I'm not sure you can be charged with a crime but you should do everything you can to provide assistance to the injured animal if at all possible. It's the humane thing to do.

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