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How far do you have to be behind another vehicle when driving?
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How far do you have to be behind another vehicle when driving?

I am taking my driver's test and I need to know. Also, it is the same in every state?


Yes it varies from state to state and you need to check with your local (DMV).

I drive using the 1 car length for every 10 miles per hour but some states use the 3 to 4 second rule as well.

Its a geo
If you make contact with the vehicle infront of you your too close dogg

Crouching Monkey Hidden Hippo
What the first poster said is what I've always heard as well, So I'd go with his answer=P

If you can see where the rear tires contact the road, you are at the right distance.

at least 2 car length. thats incase the driver in front of you decides to stop quickly, you will have time to brake.

dodge man
your supposed to be one car length for every ten miles per hour your traveling at,its been that way for years unless they have changed it,good luck.

I was taught in National Safety Council courses the 2 second, 4 second rule, it goes like this:

Watch the vehicle ahead of you, as it's rear bumper passes a sign, marker or pole start counting one thousand one, one thousand two. At one thousand two, your front bumper should be at the marker you used to start counting.

If the road is a two lane, rough or the weather is bad, or you are driving a pick up, or a large truck, you count to one thousand four to maintain your distance.

When you stop at a stop sign or light or are waiting to turn and are behind another vehicle, you should be able to see their rear tires over your hood.

If you follow the above rules while taking your driving test in any state, you should be all right.

Good luck!

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