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How long is is 5-8 business days?
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How long is is 5-8 business days?

please help
Additional Details
i ordered something may 4 when will i get it


5-8 usually refers to working 5 days of 8 hours each. I suppose this could mean working from 5am to 8pm which would give you a 15 hour day.

5 eight-hour days to 8 eight-hour days------------from 40 hours to 64 hours.

40 hours.......

business days are Monday threw Saturday

girly gurl
depends on the business. if u ordered sumthin through ups on monday u would get it between sat and tuesday...because they work on sat. never count sunday because deliveries r not made on sundays and some people dont count the wkend at all. call n ask the co

5 business days could be 5 days. 8 though is 10 NORMAL days. Monday-Friday are business days.

5- 13 days depending on weekends and holidays.

A business day means Monday through Friday. Except for holidays. It has absolutely nothing to do with business hours in a day. So if you ordered on Friday and you have a Monday holiday in either of the next two weekends, it could take 13 days.

Sorry, Pick, you're wrong. If you start counting on Monday, it is 5-10 calendar days.

Big River
If someone says your ______ will arrive in 5-8 business days, don't count saturdays and sundays and you've got it.

its 7 to 10 days your time

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