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If someone isn't smart enough to learn how to drive, are they most likely mentally retarded?
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If someone isn't smart enough to learn how to drive, are they most likely mentally retarded?

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I am including borderline intellectual functioning under the description mentally retarded, which is what I assume you mean by "slow".


NO they just are a little slower. Why are you??

tony s
No, they could have a mental block. A temporary situation.

♔King Chris♔
not necessarily..

Daisy S
maybe there just scarde.

No not really, it could be one of many issues that they are facing or going through and you should not judge a book just by its cover, have a nice day.......

*MyStErIoUs gIrL*
why are you that someone?lol
nah just kidding i wouldn't say that they are mentually retarted just that they have very low consentration level. another words very s-l-o-w.

No. Although some form of Developmental Disability is certainly a possibility, there are other conditions that are more likely and will explain this problem better.

No it doesn't mean they're retarded it just means they aren't ready to learn yet.

Perhaps they aren't motivated to learn.
Perhaps they are just more comfortable walking, riding their bikes, taking public transportation and are environmentally sensitive.
Perhaps they have an aversion to machinery.
Perhaps they are very intelligent and learn from books whereas driving a car requires a "hands on" approach.
Perhaps they have been in a bad crash and suffered some trauma.
We are all different. That's what makes the world go around........
Perhaps that other person just doesn't wish to share their true feelings about why it is that they don't drive or have a licence.
It's personal choice..........a free country...........freedom!!!!

no maybe just slow

αиgєℓѕ ¢яу тσσ
no, learning takes time and for some people it is harder for them to learn. Maybe they have trouble focusing. Or maybe they are just too lazy to focus. Besides if they are old enough to drive, i think someone would have noticed if they are mentally retarded by now.

many people arejustscaredso they freak out during the tests and frget everything

Well that depends. They can't drive safely (well) or can't do it at all? My sister is a horrible driver, been in many accidents, but she isn't mentally retarded in any way. If someone can't drive, it could also mean that they are physically impaired as well. So the answer is no.

Beetroot Yourself
Driving doesn't require a huge amount of intelligence, what it does require is common sense, observation and co-ordination and above all else confidence (which is why most accidents are caused by young men who have plenty of the latter but not much of the former). Some of the most intelligent people in the world do not drive. Also your immature use of the word "retarded" suggests you're not over-abundant in white matter yourself.

EDIT Your question is obviously geared (hello Freud) towards one individual which you're tenuously linking to 'anyone' who can't drive.

NO. It's like saying that because someone doesn't like chocolate they have no taste buds. Some people just cant drive.

I dont know but I live in an area loaded with asian people and they cant drive for nothing!!!!! Its like they cant pay attention or something. Its soooooo annoying!!!!!!!!!!

hahah personal experience here.
several things kept me from learning how to drive.
I have a low paying job and money was tight with the folks pluss I was helping them pay off the house he have here. so buying a car was out of the question.
we have 3 cars and was is broken, I had no money to fix it and the other 2 cars are always in use by the folks.
I finally got a van which my folks destroyed (cracked the engine in Vegas)

all in all....... one thing after another put me in a slump to not even want to learn. the big one, having my van become a 2000$ paperweight.

it could just be he is thinking too far ahead like me, all the problems, no cash, skyrocketing gas prices (there goes money again) etc, etc....

Laurie G
Not necessarily. You can not judge someones mental status on their ability or lack there of one task.

In fact there are several intelligent people who either cannot or will not drive. Example? Barbara Walters who sits on the top of the NYTimes Best Seller List.

This person's IQ might be OK, but their coordination may be off. OR - possibly upset that this event is so serious that they were nervous.

I wouldn't put someone down because they failed at something. This is a sign of shortsightedness.

I failed a driver's test even after driving in other states and overseas for about 10 years.

My IQ, though, is way up there, my friend.

What do you think?

Jeremy R

I have known people labelled mentally handicapped that have learned to drive and not had accidents. I have been in class with people who were considered of normal intelligence and could not learn to drive at all. there may be other reasons for a person not being able to drive a car. coordination being the main thing.

a lot of people don't know how to drive, that doesn't make them not smart. Are blind people mentally retarded? Are people in wheelchairs retarded?....some things are harder for some people and also driving can be scary to some people who have never done it before, don't be so quick to judge.

Max Bear 33

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