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Is Ice Road Truckers fake?
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Is Ice Road Truckers fake?

I liked this show. but bit of dramatic. This was true story?


i'd be willing to bet its as real as any other "reality" tv show. Everything is staged and it's stupid. I've never seen ice road truckers but that's how i see every other reality show.

Gerald Owens
Very little of a "reality" show is real.

Yes, they drive over ice, but that is where the "real" part ends.

its not a story it is reality tv... its not fake its real .. would you do it??/ i would lol

I watch the show as well but unfortunately you can't believe everything on T.V. and from all that I have read 80 percent of this is not real the way that they portray it...

Ice Road Truckers in themselves are REAL.


You will notice that DISCOVERY has changed the location of the series. That is because the original ice road company invited them to pysse off because they were over dramatizing the job and it was affecting the drivers performance and safety on the ice road. In other words, they were interfering with the safety rules for dramatic effect.

There really is ice road trucking, mostly in northern Canada. I am not show how accurate the incidents you saw on screen were, but the industry is real.

However, due to global warming, there is less ice than there used to be, so they may have to replace the trucks with ships in a few decades.

Probably as real as Cops. That is to say it really happens, BUT to make a show of it they have to edit to those scenes.

It is hyped up to make a better TV show but yes they do travel that route and do have the competition of who will be the best and earn the most

I have been there where the truckers start (Fairbanks ... and their truck yards) and a lot of what is shown is for real... but on the show they do make it sound worse or more spicy than what it really is.

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