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Jeep Wrangler 4x4...good in snow?
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Jeep Wrangler 4x4...good in snow?

i want to get one. i have heard that they spin out easily. i will need to drive it in the snow/ice & up and down steep hills. please help me decide if this is the right vehicle for me and any suggestions of other 4x4's. thanks


Earth to Mars
I love my Jeep Wrangler, I off road, Plow, I can do anything and as far as spin out only if you have flat tread ex wide tires, but that is with any vehicle. No wangler do not have high center of gravity, 90% of vehicle wait is low. A blazer on the other hand will flip ez. If I never tiped over my jeep the chances area you won't.

ben e
its not rally the vehicle as much as the vehicle and driver. any 4X4 will only do what the driver has the ability to do. as for the jeep yes provided it is set up with proper tires (not over sized) mud and snow. most people spin out due to not knowing the limit of their vehicle and being too aggressive. 4X4 doesn't means driving stupid it means properly driven it will help you in tight situations

4x4's handle alot differently in the snow vs a regular car. jeeps have a short wheel base to be able to turn a corner much tighter. but this also causes them to have stability issues, 1 of them being that they have a higher center of gravity, and they feel top heavy.
if this is ur 1st winter, ur best bet is a chevy blazer. they have a much longer wheel base, their a bit heavier, and they do have 4x4.
4x4's have a tendency to slide to the right if the brakes lock up than cars that usually tend to swing around. a 4x4 will only help u to get moving and to get some hard earned traction....but it wont help u to stop quicker

Wranglers can be very capable vehicles when properly equipped and in the hands of a skilled driver. But if you are new to winter driving I don't reccommend one. Due to their short wheelbase, it is very easy to spin one out, you really have to be aware of what the vehicle is doing and stay on top of it. If possible select something with a longer wheelbase that won't come around as quickly and you can get a feel for. If you must have a Jeep, then have a skilled friend show you how to drift and recover. You'll be in a much better situation than most if you can drive through a skid.....regardless of the vehicle.

No the wrangler does'nt do particularly well in the snow. The wheelbase is to short, and the center of gravity's too high. Makes for poor traction, and easy rollover. Keep in mind that's in relation to other 4x4's. It'll generally do better than most, but the 4wd is only for most extreme situations. Ie: offroad.
I'd go with something with a long wheelbase. The cherokee is a good one. Or the blazers. Basically, go for the longer rigs, not lifted. and HEAVY is good in snow/ice. Means traction. (sorry if is obvious. Most overlook the fact.)

Yeah, its good in snow, but I dont recommend you getting one. There are SUVs out there that doesnt spin out as easy as the Wrangler.

Consider getting a:

Toyota Rav4 V6 (the V6 has an option for Hill start assist and down hill assist)
Toyota FJ Cruiser
Nissan Pathfinder

Bill S
They're great in the snow if you know how to drive, Jeep wranglers have a short narrow wheel base so they can roll over easily if not driven correctly. I would suggest a full size jeep i.e. Jeep grand cherokee. But a Jeep wrangler will go anywhere if you know how to drive it.

I plan on buying one as well in 2 yrs (when Im done paying off my car)....I think if you have the correct tires, and drive carefully, the 4 wheel drive should work. Im hoping they are good in snow...b/c Chicago has awkward winters....good luck to you!!

Great in the snow, on a wet or dry road though, they skid like HELL, I drive one at work, I hate it, I swear that thing is going to kill me, anything that you have to pray in to hold the road is a piece of SH-T !

What in the hell is wrong with you people? Are you all friggin city-slickers?? It sounds to me like you all should take the BUS! A wrangler is one of the best snow vehicles made. vf29_sandman 4X4 DO NOT slide to the right when applying the brakes?? WTF? I am amazed at how ignorant you people are about cars... Like I said.. Ride THE BUS!!

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