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Tips for maintaining a constant speed while driving? (New on the roads.)?
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Tips for maintaining a constant speed while driving? (New on the roads.)?

My dad always tells me to keep a constant speed while driving, but to stay at my speed I usually let off the gas a bit if I'm going too slow or vice versa. But he's telling me not to take my foot off the gas pedal. But if I don't, I accelerate. Does anyone have any tips for me on how to keep a constant speed without taking my foot off the gas?
Additional Details
My dad won't let me use cruise control until I learn how to keep a constant speed on my own.


Cruise control? If you just get your foot to the right pressure, you will get it. Just look down often. The more your drive, the easier it will get.

Kyler's Mommy
cruise control

Practice, practice, practice.
Everyone has their own unique driving style (how they hold the steering wheel, how far they coast to a stop, etc...) Maintaining a constant speed is no different. You will have to obtain your own feel for the car over time. Some cars have more sensitive gas pedals than others. One piece of advice that can work for anyone is: Keep an eye on the RPM meter every now and then, you want to keep it around 1 - 2 rpm for max fuel efficiency.
Driving at a constant speed and at an acceptable speed means that you'll have to learn to keep the gas pedal depressed slightly at all times (except when you are stopped).

on the freeway or the streets?
its easy on the freeway just keep it down lightly no problem. speed up a little with necessary
on the roads is hard to do thaat. actually id suggest not to do that haha

William W
Controlled gentle pressure with continuous slight adjustments - Practice, Practice, Practice. You'll get the hang of it; try to anticipate the need for adjustments. I had a similar problem while learning to fly - Too much throttle and you climb, too little and you descend. My flight instructor always complained that I didn't keep a constant altitude. He preached continual small adjustments rather than occasional big ones.

adjust your toes. Sometimes you just need to let go or give just a slight amount of pressure. Also, hills and curves add variables to the equation that you'll have to adjust to and you'll get it with practice.

Do cruise control... or practice keeping your foot veryyyy still... i had the same problem :) happy driving

Dave Herron
Cruise control is the most effective method for maintaining a constant speed but, since you aren't allowed to use it until you get the feel of the accelerator, here are a couple of tips that might help.
Don't depend on "going with the flow of traffic". Drivers around you may be speeding or going too slow. You will never be able to maintain the correct speed by "feel". You need to check your speedometer often and use that to maintain your speed.

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