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What's the penalty for being a pedestrian on a motorway?
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What's the penalty for being a pedestrian on a motorway?

Yes I don't ever intend to do anything stupid as that before any of you hypercrites answer, just ask for curiosity
Cheers x
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And ye I know obviosuly it can be a big risk of death too but I mean penalty as in if a copper catchs a person walking alongside the m-way or anything like that


John Paul
First thing that comes to mind is the poor guy walking will not get there as fast. Penalty for being slow. Each country state has different laws. It is probably safer to stay with the car than being out on the motor way. leaving a car sit on the road way while you go for fuel? How could that be wrong. Car breaks down no cell phone you go for help? Thiefs break your window gets personal information out of your car and commits crimes aginst your credit companys.

Arlanymor Mountain Man
I have never seen a sign saying "No Pedestrians" and i have seen it done on the M 5 near Birmingham as i was returning from the motor show years ago.A strange looking man was walking in the fast lane with the flow of the traffic.All the cars were moving slowly because of him.He was waving his arms all over the place and police cars were coming from everywhere lights flashing.

John T
A heavy fine for being a danger to other road users.


probablyy death by cars

A motorway is, in law, a Special Road. The Special Roads Act makes provision for certain types of traffic to be banned from Special Roads, which includes pedestrians, agricultural vehicles, motorcycles under 50cc, etc. The original penalty for non-compliance was £50 and, believe it or not, I do not think that this has ever been increased!

Of course, the real penalty for walking on a motorway is DEATH.

The penalty is that the police will tell you to leave the motorway usually. I mean at most they may put you in the car and take you to the exit, but honestly I don't really see them getting you a ticket or anything. I'm sure legally they could, but I doubt they'd bother if it was one person. Perhaps if there were a group of you they may think about that.

Vivien W
Serious injury at best; death at worst.

What sort of question is this?

Probably an R T A at about 70mph with you in the middle........

Death if your really unlucky lol ... by the way, as it's mainly hypocrites that answer on here, you may of just insulted the majority of the answerer's you would normally expect to get lol ;p

the most severe penalty would be getting run over

Cliff C
A heavy fine, its the same as crossing a railway as the cars are travelling at 70mph. £200 ball park figureThen again the worst penalty is death as you are putting your life at severe risk and could get killed

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