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What can a legally blind person drive?
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What can a legally blind person drive?

I know it's an odd question...but what could a legally blind person drive legally?

I am legally blind myself. I keep forgetting my vision numbers. I used to drive a pick up at my camp and never had a problem with that, but I can't anymore because I don't have a driver's license. I have driven go carts before, and gone pretty fast on a quad. I also go horseback riding.

I recently heard about a legally blind person who drives a motor scooter to work. Doesn't have a license I think. I was doing research last night and it says that in Massachusetts you need a license or a learner's permit to drive a motor scooter.

My question...is there a motor vehicle that a legally blind person can drive to work, appointments, etc, etc and not require a license to drive?

Anything would be helpful.
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Thanks guys...that is very helpful

LS: I know what legally blind is. I am one. I have a cane, but most of the time I don't use it.


Tit for Tat
I hope not. Are trying to kill yourself or someone else? There is a reason blind people and those with very limited sight don't drive, you need a certain level of vision to drive safe. Not to mention a license, if your sight is not good enough to get one you should no be driving.Public transportation is cheaper anyway

Thumbs down already? I like to know who out there thinks people with really bad vision that cannot be fixed with corrective lenses, should be driving! No wonder there are so many accidents where people say "I just didn't see them."

A person is considered LEGALLY blind when the best corrected visual acuity is 20/200, or the person's visual field is 20 degrees or less. It is not true that all blind persons have absolutely no sight; in fact, most blind persons have some remaining vision.

A person may be considered blind when he/she can no longer drive safely, has difficulty reading a newspaper, or cannot see objects to the side.

My relative uses his 4 wheeler. The sheriff allows him to drive between his current home and his lake place. Takes him about 1/2 mile on a county road and the rest on dirt road that is primarily 3 season cabins.

Generally, in the city, your only option are non-motorized vehicles such as bicycles.

They may not have it in Massachusetts any more, but my brother's high school buddy had epilepsy and by law, could not be issued a driver's license. He was given something I think was called a 'hardship' license to drive a motor scooter (I think they are called mopeds also) on public roads. Have you called the DMV to find out what options you have?

In general ANY motorized vehicle requires a license to operate. Even a motorized wheelchair on a public roadway would require the operator to be licensed. I think you are grasping at straws.

I know a man who is legally blind-he can ride a moped, and a Vespa.

Rick M
I live in California. The DMV rules are that at least one eye should be corrected to 20/40. Beyond that, the DMV has a form you take to your eye doctor that specifies your disease and they will limit based on that (no freeway, day time only, things like that). If the vision is really bad, you may need to do another driver test to show your ability to drive safely.

For me, I am legally blind. I cannot read, see street signs, see peoples faces unless they are a foot away from me, and cars disappear in my central view at greater than 4 car lengths. I cannot ever get a license.

Ironically, I used to work for a retinal specialists (I was an ophthalmic photographer) for 16 years so I am no stranger to eye diseases and the DMV forms. Now I am permanently disabled (see what I do now at http://astronomyonline.org).

Rules will vary state to state but at least one eye must be good - the other eye can be totally blind - and they may require a driver test and will require a doctors attestation.

Hope this helps.

LOL my mom is legally blind. She has custom contacts so she can drive anything. only not at night.

anything. my mom is legally blind and we've owned about every type of car. its no biggy.

A 10 speed bike

It depends on your vision numbers but my brother in law can drive a car. He wears special goggles when he does and he's a great driver. You have to have your license though.

Legally blind does not mean you are actually blind.

No dog, no cane, no dark glasess.

It just means your level of vision loss is deemed to be past a certain point.

I am legally blind - it makes no difference to what I do, I drive, sew, knit, read - everything everyone else does. I wear contact lenses and it just means that I get them at a subsidised cost.

You will need a certificate from your Optician when you go to sit your drivers licence - its really no big deal.

Drive what ever you like !

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