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What damage can you do to your car driving fast over a speed bump?
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What damage can you do to your car driving fast over a speed bump?

when i say fast i dont mean at 40mph just between 5- 10 mph


Mr. Magoo
It hasn't damaged my car at all. I thought you were SUPPOSED to speed up when you approach them - that's why they are called speed bumps and not slow bumps.

They can even damage your body, especially if hit them at speed and your car's shocks aren't very good.

They can cause spinal injuries or aggravate pre-existing back problems.

Damaged suspension and wheels and tires as well....

Jeff 001
At that speed, that's my tickover road speed, you should be OK, unless your exhaust is the low type, then a scraping noise would be heard, done that too, but not this car that I have now. On the square type I position my wheels to pass over the lower side edges, ie, car central to hump. o/<-->o

The One
Just the one off wont hurt it,if you think the Emergency services do it all the time.I suppose if you keep doing it it can do damage to suspension and steering.x

5-10mph is not fast then.

Chris A
well most speed bumps you can do upto 20-25 fine
there a a lot of nasty ones where I live in Hereford
like these ones in one estate called redhill with a 20 limit and even doing 25 over them absoltuely kills and seems to do enough harm nevermind 30-40+
but most speed bumps wouldn't really do any serious damage unless you do much more than 25-30odd

How is 5-10 fast? I assume you mean the massive speed bumps rather than the ones that are just (usually) red and do little (more of a warning). I'd say you can do 30-40 over them in most cases. But 5-10 is average speed for proper speed bumps. Maybe up to 15 for some. Any slower than 5 and you'd stop. Over 15 would be too fast and you'd really notice it - it would probably damage your suspension and steering if you continued to drive at speed over them

"if you think the Emergency services do it all the time"

They don't. They may go slightly faster than everyone else if the bump is one that really has no effect, but for the proper speed bumps they have no choice but to slow down as well. It wouldn't be safe even for them to continue over them at speed

Firecracker .
You can dent your roof - from the inside.

Suspension & steering can suffer going over at a speed. Probably not a lot at 5mph

5 to 10 mph won't do any harm. Speed bumps hammer shock absorbers at higher speeds.

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