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What happens when you clog an exhaust pipe?
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What happens when you clog an exhaust pipe?

What would happen? Would the object be forced out of the exhaust pipe by pressure or would the hazardous gas be forced into the vehicle and potentially kill the driver?


generally car would either stall out....or it would b forced out...

** btw i guess mythbusters is wrong for once..... cause i have clogged 3 different vehicles with potatoes to where they would not run......

use a plunge. next time when you poop that much, flush every 2 minutes

if the obstruction is solid enough to not be expelled by the exhaust pressure, the engine would just not run because it couldn't breath

Vehicle will die out.

mdk68gto, ase certified m tech
the engine will not have the power to push it out and with that it cannot breath. the engine will not start, the old joke of stuffing a potato in the exhaust pipe has proven this time and time again.

Robert C
the object would most likely be forced out, if it were so clogged that engine pressure could not remove it (mythbusters tried with an average car, they couldn't manage it with any ordinary objects) then no, it would not find it's way into the car, it would simply stay contained within the engine, and the exhaust, and the engine would not run.

If you plug the tailpipe of a car with objects, the engine will be destroyed...

All of the objects used were shot out immediately after the engine started up.


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