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What is the ratio of plane to car accidents?
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What is the ratio of plane to car accidents?

the question kinda explains it...


About one in a billion. You can cause an auto accident on your own, but not a plane crash.

adrian b
there may be about around 300 car accidents to every 1 or 2 plane crashes.

there is a car accident in this country every 25 seconds, and there may be a plane crashes like every month or two.

Nick Mulud-Mami
the chances of being in a air crash are 1 in 750,000

Its documented fact that flying is safer than walking ( u can get robbed), driving, sailing and training combined

how many cars are there compared to planes.
the most boats sink

Dan W
No really , there are no fender benders in air crashes.
there is not enuff room here to write the number of car crashes in the world.

ken k
reALly i havent heard about many cars running into airplanes/do you know where this is happening??

I'm curious too now that you've asked but I don't have time to do the math. I have a blog at http://www.reportingstatistics.blogspot.com and have a couple posts on plane crash statistics and a post on car accident statistics I did like a week ago I think. (the older plane crash statistic post has links to statistics) and I know there's tons of links to car accident statistics in my car accident post. You might be able to use my search engine too (not sure how updated it is) but it searches only through websites with statistics - so you can find the two numbers and do the math - guess it would depend also if you mean in the US or internationally. A lot of plane accident statistics are international, whereas car accident statistics are typically from the US, UK, and other "richer" countries. So double check the source. I'm pretty sure there's a pbs link in my older plane crash post that lists the chances of dying in a car accident and the chances of dying in a plane accident. (which, isn't what you're looking for, but in the neighborhood). I'm gonna have to look that up later! That would be a cool number to know for useless information.

After I posted that I had to go look:

Overall, the number of people injured in car accidents in the US dropped from the 2.49 million in 2007 to "only" 2.35 million in 2008. The 2008 NHTSA car accident statistic report has a lot of valuable statistics and data and is l

2008 air:

I think it's 3312 air accidents.

so 3312:2.35 million - I'll let you reduce that...

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