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Will sandbags in my trunk help with traction in the snow?
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Will sandbags in my trunk help with traction in the snow?

I have a rear wheel drive car (BMW 325) and have a lot of trouble with traction in the snow. I've heard differing opinions on whether or not to add sandbags in order to weigh down the back of the car. Will this hurt more than help? My main concern is keeping control of my car on slippery roads.


yes weight will help some.....snow tires will help even more tho....

mike p
Yes. many add weight to help with traction. Just dint put too much, will have the opposite affect on front tires.

dodge man
if you add those in the right weigh amount they will help, over loading it wont help you that much, but 25 pounds added to each side of the car in the trunk will help it,just don't go over board with the weight thing or else it could work against you,good luck.

Harley Drive
it will help if you are stuck but will make the car uncontrollable in a skid or on ice

Firecracker .
Some may help with getting a bit of traction.
Too much weight is worse than too little.
Best thing for the slippery roads is to slow down.

If you do decide to carry some sandbags PLEASE have your headlights adjusted.
Extra weight in the rear raises the front. The headlights come up and blind oncoming traffic.

Good news and bad news:
The extra weight in the trunk will certainly help your overall traction from the get go - but it won't help your steering control at all on slippery roads.

Yes but add the sandbags as far forward as possible because this will help more than adding it all the way to the rear................

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