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advice on how to stop my neighbors family cars blocking my driveway?
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advice on how to stop my neighbors family cars blocking my driveway?

I live at the end of a cul-de-sac I have to have a clear exit to reverse out of my drive or into the driveway, I have spoken to the owner of the property but they still block my driveway.


block hes driveway, pay back time i think,

best done by peaceful negotiation

tell the police, back out of the driveway and hit their car, you are not allowed to block someones driveway and if you do then you are liable if they hit your vehicle because you are parked illegally....Dont say you heard it from me

Well I would go tell the person that they need to move their car and that they are blocking my driveway. If people were blocking my drive way to get in and out I would be pissed and I would go over there and say you need to move your cars or I'm going to call the Police. That should get their attention and they won't block your driveway anymore.

Timbo is here
In the UK
Itis against the law to block a car in the drive but not to prevent one getting in - sounds daft but true.
If the driveway is just hard for you ro get out of then they have done nothing wrong. If it is impossible for anydriver to get it out then you can report them to the police.

Andrew M
It is NOT illegal to park across a driveway. It IS an offence to cause an obstruction. An offence is completely different to something being illegal.

For the Police to be interested it would have to be impossible, not just difficult, for you to get in or out of your driveway.(Yes, IN or OUT. Don't listen to people who trot out this nonsense that the Police tell you about no offence being caused if you can't get into your property - this has absolutely no basis in law and is just a way for the Police to lessen their workload. Don't let them get away with this.)

Do contact your local Council, but not to ask advice. Tell them that you need an access protection marking, and make sure that they mark it properly, i.e. 1m beyond the transition kerb at each side of your access. If the cul-de-sac is that tight, ask them to put in double yellow lines to allow access, turning etc.

Contact the Council first. If you get no joy, contact your local Councillor/Councillors. Find out who chairs your local roads committee and get onto them as well. Still nothing - time to get your MP involved.

Phone the Police every single time that you can't get in or out. They will get so fed up with your complaining that they might actually speak to your neighbour themselves. Since you have already spoken to your neighbour, make sure you tell the Police that you have done this.

Good luck!

â“‹ Lost â“‹
You call the police and have this taken care of but you should warn the neighbors that you will get the police.

They're rude, inconsiderate and it's time to take pictures. Close up, and far enough to include your house, house number and their car with their license.

Not taking away from another poster who said to ask them again not to block your driveway, but do so-and document.

They refuse? Take pictures. Again. File a complaint with your board, if not, with the police.

They retaliate in any way, re slash your tires? take pictures, file a complaint again with your board, and police.

The Best.

Hairy Jim
Borrow a Land Rover. Scrape down cars or ram them out of the way. Works for me. They won't do it afterwards.

Call the police and have them towed

Talk to your local council and tell them that parking this way in the cul-de-sac would prevent fire rescue from using it as a means to turn around and that will get your neighbors attention.

Inconsiderate people and there's lots of them about. You will have to go to some officialdom and find out what you can do about it.

You need some letter sent to them from say a solicitor that you'll sue if they don't comply to your wishes. Usually a letter sent like this gets a desired result. I don't know whether your local housing association if you are renting, or are an owner, will be of any help.

Then there's you local Member of Parliament, you could go to for advice and help. Someone in authority and with clout will usually sort out the problem.


Phone the Council for advice

Sean R
If you are in the uk there is very little you can do. You have iirc a legal right of access so you could try calling the police. More importantly is if they are blocking a dropped kerb which is illegal. yet again call plod and council.

Aqua Netta
Call the Police Department and tell them what's going on

Max Cruise
Take pictures every time this occurs.
Talk to the neighbors one more time. Note date and time.
If they keep blocking after your talk, take more pictures and visit your local police. Present all the pictures and documentation. Ask the police to step in and resolve the situation.
Good Luck

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