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how long can you drive a car/ minibus before you must have a break? And how long must you have a break for?
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how long can you drive a car/ minibus before you must have a break? And how long must you have a break for?


no limit

Unless they require a CDL there is no time limit. Drive til you start to get tired or set a time limit on yourself.

Ideally u should stop and take a break every two hours the I think the only law regarding driving hours is for HGV drivers.vehicles with tacographs.

If its professional I think it is 10 minutes every 2 hour obligatory, and if its private it is highly recommended

Don't kno where you live. But, some states now have laws. That state if your involved in an accident and there is reason to belive, you have not had 8 hrs sleep in the last 24hrs. there can be severe fines and crimianal charges. Also if you plan to do this comercialy. It dose not mater what type of vehic. you operate. You may be required by state and or federal law to operate under the Federal motor carier Hours of service laws.

no legal requirement but hgv and pcv must stop for 3/4 hour every 4 1/2 hours

laws apply if you are PAID to drive a PCV or LGV (new name for HGV).If the vehicle has a tacho it will be under EC drivers hours regulations unless it is a regular local service/contract or rail replacement service is which case it is covered by the domestic drivers hours regulations (transport act 1968).


there is no limit for a car if driven privately, drive till you pass out if thats what you want.

when working as a driver you have to follow the eu regualtions of no more than 9 hours a day with a 45 minute rest every 4 hours, you can have 2 days in a week where you work 10 hours if you need to.

you must have 11 hours of rest each day which can be reduced to 9 hours for 3 days of the week.
you also can't drive more than 90 hours in a 2 week period.

Sir Sidney Snot
No traffic law with regards to limits or rest timing

In the UK

Incredible, but true. There is no law governing driving limits on a vehicle not fitted with a tachograph.
I was a 7.5t lorry driver, with tacho, i now own and run my own courier business. No tacho in a van. It's up to my discretion as to when i stop and for how long.
Remembering that i am trying to earn as much money as possible in as short a time as possible you would think that i speed everywhere, all the time, where-ever possible without stopping.
You've got to use your common sense a bit here.
From experience, i know that the body will start to tire after about 3 hours driving. Your concentration starts to drift........ZZZZzzzz.
Maybe not actually falling asleep but,..."That's a nice building"..."What's on the other radio channel"......."A nice cd i think"...."Ooooh, he's travelling a bit fast"...etc, etc, etc.
Please don't drive tired, do stop at regular intervals.
There are pleanty of roadside service stations. The coffee is crap. But, if it'll give your mind a break, drink it.
Have 10 mins kip in the seat, walk around, get fresh air.
Just take a break!

kevin m
driving a car there are no limits just comon sense say due a couple of hours take a break mimi bus is diffrent if your carrying passengers for hire or reward 3.1/2 hours with at least 30 min break

I have driven long distances in a van and a car. There is no set limit I would set myself before I needed a break. It could be 1 hour, or it could be 5 hours, before I start to feel tired and my eyes start getting heavy.

Whenever you feel tired is the best time to stop and have a break. How long you need for a break depends on what you do in that break. If you eat you will need longer. If it is a quick kip to freshen yourself up, don't take longer than 30 minutes. If you drink a bottle of wine, then I would not drive again for at least 6 - 8 hours. (long enough for a pretty good sleep)

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