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i got a handicap parking ticket, what do i do?
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i got a handicap parking ticket, what do i do?

Ok, so i was at my community college..my boyfriend was in the administrations office & i had just got out of class... i went to see if he was done with his testing but wasn't... there were about 5 spots open to park the only thing is there were meter parking spots... anyway i decided to park in a handicap parking spot & used my moms placard... i ended up getting a ticket by the school cop... he asked if my mom was with me & i said no , and the cop gave me a misdemenor ticket VC 4461(c) Parking in a disabled parking spot not transportating a handicaped persons .. So idk what to do now.. Just another 1 of californias money making tickets lol ~HELP~
Additional Details
oh & i forgot to add... i didn't park there because i was lazy i parked there because i didn't have coins to put in the meter... if some of you say im lazy, or idc about handicapped people, I ACTUALLY DO... this was my first time doing it.... and i just need help for when i appear in court so anyone that could help me please write a comment :)


Since it's not a traffic violation, I'd not worry about it and just pay the ticket. If you are truly concerned, your best bet is going to be to hire a lawyer to fight it for you.

Otherwise you can go in for a mitigation hearing and explain to the judge what happened and that you were sorry and feel bad and didn't know, and ask that the cost of the ticket be lowered and promise to never do it again.

But don't attempt to fight it yourself. You never know which Judge has a handicapped mother. :P

And honestly, it is rude to use a handicapped parking spot when you're not. Just keep driving around the block next time.

Don't fight it unless you are trying to get the full extent of the law coming down on you. You did it, admit it and don't try to make doing something wrong seem like it's not wrong since you were involved. Take your medicine and throw yourself on the mercy of the court. if you fight you will lose. Call it a costly mistake, poor judgement or whatever but do NOT try to make it seem like you had a good reason to break the law - when you did not. It just makes it worse in the eyes of any judge.

Fred C
It was fraudulent use of the handicap tag, and if your mother is legitimately handicapped, you obviously haven't absorbed the lessons on why these spots are reserved for the handicapped, not for the able bodied.
Plead stupidity and pay whatever the judge hands you. I suggest the judge will be less sympathetic because, as the daughter of a handicapped person, you should darn well know better, and behave accordingly.
I needed a handicap tag for several months after a severe accident. I couldn't drive, so others had to drive me, but I needed the close spots because I also couldn't turn to check traffic. I always respected the spots, but after that experience, I became an advocate and have no problem reporting violators to either the police or the owners of the property.

Mr. KnowItAll
Don't park there anymore, and pay the ticket.
If you try to fight it, you'll loose.

You're lucky the didn't cite you for fraud.
Tow and impound your car and lock you up. That's a felony!

**Uncle Jed Sez**
You took a handicapped space because you are lazy. Someone may have really needed it. Pay the ticket.

You have no excuse. Its not a money making deal its a matter of courtesy to people who need it.

You should understand more than most because your mom has a handicap. But I guess not, some people are just stupid........md

For a misdemeanor violation of VC 4461(c), you can be sent to jail for six months. You need a real lawyer, not this forum.

"(c) Except for the purpose of transporting disabled persons as
specified in subdivision (b), no person may display any disabled
person placard that was not issued to him or her... A violation of this
subdivision is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not less than
two hundred fifty dollars ($250) nor more than one thousand dollars
($1,000), or by imprisonment in the county jail for not more than six
months, or by both that fine and imprisonment."

Firecracker .
Just pay it.

I've had to find change, too.
And when I couldn't, parked in the metered space anyway.
Never on a wheelchair symbol.


How would you feel IF you or someone with you TRULY could NOT walk more than a few steps, BUT all the handicapped spots were taken by people who did not need them?

Pete T
No, it's a good law to keep people from taking parking places needed by us disabled/handicapped folks. I got my disability due to combat injuries in Vietnam fighting for lazy people to be able to do something selfish. Pay your ticket and learn from it.

Just curious to know the outcome? I got a 4461(c) in Sacramento County.

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