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is driving around with my kids without insurance, child endangerment?
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is driving around with my kids without insurance, child endangerment?


Cable T
I really don't think so. If the kids are buckled up and those that require them are in car seats then you're obeying those laws. Law says you need liability insurance only and it rarely covers the occupants of your own car. My feeling is this is not child endangerment as I understand the term.

Hmmmm, not legally. But not very smart either. If your kids are hurt in a car accident and there's no coverage for their injuries, you'll have to foot the bill yourself. Many health insurance companies will not cover for injuries due to an auto accident.

you actually need to ask this as a parent? It's illegal whether you have kids or not. If you think an insurance policy will decide if you are endangering your kids, maybe you should put them up for adoption and also turn in your driver's license.

Yes,it is better to take care.

I would tend to think so. One thing I know for sure. IF you get into an accident and they are injured, and you folks suffer injury, you will have to pay the bill yourself! This could be 10's if not 100's of thousands of dollars! You had better cut spending and prioritize your budget, or get a second job. Consider this. You are in a bad accident with all of you with several broken bones, emergency surgeries, and more. (There are more than 16,000 Car accidents alone in the USA daily!). The bills start coming in from several Doctors, the hospital, radiology, etc... In a month or two they could easily amount to a quarter of a Million Dollars! How would you like to face paying bills for the rest of your life totaling $250,000.00 or more? I hope this helps.

Ya know it could be construed in this way, but it also is a direct reflection on your IQ also. State law requires insurance to be in effect to get your license plates, so maybe it would be good not to risk paying a heavy fine for driving without the insurance and you will feel good knowing you are obeying the laws in your area.

R T w
I dont care what category this falls under, what about your kids, never mind if YOU will be breaking the law or not, WHATS UP WITH YOU.

New Yorker
I'm assuming you mean you don't have car insurance, and you're not talking about health insurance.

I don't see how it's child endangerment, I don't necessarily see how an insured or uninsured car affects a child's safety, but it's still not a smart thing to do, if you get pulled over or get into a crash you're screwed.

What else would you call it? It's also setting a very bad example.

You can compare how the insurance quotes would change, for example here - autoinsurance.bebto.com

maybe this question was asked for a reason? Like maybe she just bought the car and is wondering if she should pick it up with her kids or not? ...who knows...don't be so quick to judge...you never know anothers situation. Just sayin :-)

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