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what can I do to get a school bus driver fired?
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what can I do to get a school bus driver fired?

My daughter has had the same bus driver for a couple years now. The bus driver has been seen running stop signs, almost hitting other vehicles while trying to make a turn too fast. She slams on her brakes to get the kids to sit down or be quiet. And recently she yelled and embarrassed my daughter for something she did not do. Over the past couple years I have called the principle of the school, the head person at the bus transportation garage (her boss) and the board of ed. They all say they have talked to her and she denies everything. (of course) I dont know who else to turn to. This woman constantly puts the childrens lives in danger and doesnt speak to them right. Does anyone have any other ideas on what to do?? Thanks


i think you are not an adult because an adult would know how to
spell principal correctly you spelled it incorrectly twice
bet you are just trying to get the bus driver into trouble
if what you say how come the other kids dont complain?
hm? maybe if you have the time perhaps you can follow
the bus and if you have a camera on your cellphone record the actions
you say other people have seen the driver do you have that person name and address as a witness?
its also very interesting you dont tell us the city, state you are
in thats what is making me sucious you are making this up
else you would have told us the city and state
now if you say is really true which i doubt)'
if you are in California you can contract the CHP
they they are responsible for school buses safety

You could always threaten to sue the school for risking your child's safety and not doing anything after multiple complaints.
Even if you do not plan to sue, the threat should get some sort of action.

Talk to the principal at the school. Ask him how to handle this. I would also call the DMV. She is dangerous.

You could drive or have someone drive her to school, other than that it doesn't sound like much else will help. That's pretty lame that they haven't done much about this.

Call the school board yourself. Talk to other parents whose children ride the same bus. Call the police for the bad driving.

Well you could drive her to school if you have time. If you are scared she will get hurt talk to her friends parents or just parents that kids go to that school. Then if they feel the same way report it to the office or police if you can? idk im only 13! lol hope this helps :]

you should ask the other childrens parents if they have heard of stuff like that, or you could try to call the school again, and say your daughter witnessed it

Friendly Stranger..
Well there are two things you can do. The first thing you can do which may or may not be a viable option is to have your child driven to school. You might be able to drive your child to school or have another person you trust drive her to school. This option might be best because at least you know she isn't in harms way.

The other thing you could do is threaten to sue the school or the transportation organization that employs that particular bus driver. But before you sue, the most important thing to have is evidence. You should not just sue blindly. Suing is a delicate process. First make sure you have the correct evidence that this driver has indeed broken various laws and put children in danger. For example, have eye witness accounts of more than one child. After you have gathered the evidence take your case to the Principal and threaten to sue the transportation organization or the school. Usually threatening with a law suit will get things going in the right direction. But again, having evidence is key. I would first gather the evidence and bring it to the proper officials before you threaten to sue. You have a right to sue if your concerns are not met, because the school is liable if an accident happens and they ignore the issues.

Try to get a police officer to give her tickets for runnig the stop signs.

Wow, sounds like you've contacted everyone who Should have addressed the issue already. Something similar happened in our district with a teacher. Are you active with other children's parents or maybe PTA? No one seemed to care when i spoke out against some of the things happening within our classroom but after finding other parents had the same complaint the board finally stepped in. Sadly, sometimes it takes a number of voices to actually be heard i guess. If that makes any sense. Try talking to other parents and see how they feel. If you aren't alone on the issue..encourage them to contact the superintendent or board of ed. Once more people are involved...it Cant be overlooked forever.
Best of luck!

~>DeLySia ToWEr<~
First of all, it depends. Have you witnessed these acts the bus driver has done or is it your daughter who is telling you? These things can vary tremendously from what point of it is coming from.
Anywho, I think you should try being more aggressive with them (in a civil manner) and if so, try to get evidence to back you up.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the good answers. My wife is the one who asked this question. We will continue to try and resolve this. Once again thank you.
And I would like to address Travelmaster....The writer of the question is a grown woman. And she didnt think about writing the state. However we live in Perquimans county N.C. If anyone knows who else to contact there. Also my wife if human...she makes mistakes including spelling. But you should really check your own spelling and grammar before you criticize others.
Again thank you

First, contact the State Police, giving them all of the driver's pertinent information, bus number, plate number, etc.

Second, find out if there is an on-board camera on the bus; if so, demand a meeting with the Director of Transportation and the driver, and review the tapes of the particular day. I mention the D of T because the "head person at the bus grarage" is usually the head mechanic, not the D of T. If there is no on-board camera, follow the bus with a video camera yourself.

Third, arm your daughter with a pocket tape recorder.

Fourth, DO NOT tell your daughter what you are doing, and that she must not tell anyone she's carrying a tape recorder, lest one of her friends act as a snitch to the driver.

This driver MUST be taken off the road, NOW.

If all else fails, contact
Derek Graham, State Director of Transportation
NC Public Schools

You can get Derek's phone number from their website; he's been a personal friend for many, many years, and WILL listen to you.

Fred C
If you are going by the uncorroborated word of your daughter, you do nothing. Children decide they don't like somebody, and the stories get bigger and bigger.
If some of the stories are true, you need corroboration, such as video of the bus running a stop sign. If no corroboration is provided, then the authorities have no choice to believe the driver. Follow the bus someday, and observe for yourself. Take a video camera, If you don't see any untoward actions, then you know the stories are just that, stories from children who just don't like their driver.
I would have to believe, if the driver really was that bad, there would have been some tickets issued by now, and school bus driver records are checked on a regular basis.

Firsti'm sorry to hear how upset you are, I drive a school bus have for 12years. I hope that you can get this resolved quickly. Find out district policy on cell phones and video cameras on buses don't want your child to get into trouble. Next do talk with other parent find out if this is new behavior for driver. Next drive your child when you can.when talk to boss at bus lot will get farther if you seem concerned not not sue happy hope this helps

Iam going through the same thing and I have him recorded my little girl and her friend were about to open a bag of chips when the bus driver got up yank the chips from her hand and yelled at her and through them out the window made them pick up all the trash from the bus and made them through it in the trash can and told them what do u think I am.Iam not ur your maid.

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