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who makes up the names that go on street signs?
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who makes up the names that go on street signs?

i always think about this when i see weird street names like one in my neighborhood is sandwich street and there is others like out of . and i just wonder who comes up with the names do people in a community vote or what?


Such Heroic Nonsence
sandwich lmao,i know you stay in a suburb,i live in chicago and the majority of the street sighs are named after old war heros you know that sort of thing,but i never heard of a street named sandwich lmao,somebody was eating a sandwich i guess,

New Yorker
I wonder that too sometimes, like when I see Clapper Road in upstate NY, I keep thinking of that clap on clap off light.

The city and the department of transportation in your town.

David W.
In most new developments and subdivisions, the developer makes them up, subject to approval of the street department and public service agencies like police and fire--and maybe the Postal Service, too.

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