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BIRTHMOM, WHERE ARE YOU? I was born November, 1949, LaRocca's Hospital in Algiers, Louisiana.?
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BIRTHMOM, WHERE ARE YOU? I was born November, 1949, LaRocca's Hospital in Algiers, Louisiana.?

I am 58 years old and always thought my birthday was November 9, 1949, but now I'm not sure. I know that sometimes dates were changed in adoptions.

I don't think I was legally adopted. I think Dr. LaRocca just gave me to my Mama and Daddy. My birthmother supposedly had a family who didn't want her to keep me. I was told by a cousin that her family made her give me up.

I am not angry and never felt abandoned, and I only discovered on April 12th, 2007, that I had been adopted. Well, not really adopted, but given to my parents.

I want to find any birth family I may have, and I want to know my medical background and my heritage.

Please, see my web page, and if you know the woman in the photograph, who may or may not be my birthmother, please contact me.

Thanks very much. I need to know my family's medical history.




Looking like someone does not mean they are a parent. Not looking like someone does not mean they are not a parent.
That "picture" of her is so grainy, you'd need to get a professional to enhance it to get something to compare.
I hope you find something, but I doubt that photo is gonna help. Have you tried to get into the doctor's records?

Your site is wonderful. It sure looks like you had a good life with your 'adopted' parents.

I am sorry, but I do not know the lady.

There is a New Orleans commercial on right now. Algiers is a suburb of New Orleans. I suppose this is a message from God. :oD

Adoptee Birth Date: 11-20-1940
Adoptee Gender: Male
Adoptee Birth Name: ?
Adoptee Birth City: Gretna Or Any Other In The New Orleans Area
Adoptee Birth County: Probably Jefferson Parish
Adoptee Birth State: Probably Louisiana
Adoptee Birth Country: USA
Adoptee Birth Mothers Name: ?
Adoptee Birth Mothers Maiden Name: ?
Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: ?
Adoptee Birth Hospital: ? (Possibly Hotel Dieu, Dr. Henry LaRocca's
But There's A Good Possibility I Was Delivered By A Midwife)
Adoptee Name: Lawrence "Larry" Haber, Jr.
Adoptee City: Algiers
Adoptee County: Orleans Parish
Adoptee State: Louisiana
Adoptee Country: USA
Adoptive Mothers Name: Helen Beatrice Ose' Haber
Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name:
Adoptive Fathers Name: Lawrence Alexander Haber, Sr.
Searching For: Any Biological Family
Email Address: awnoonie@aol.com
All Other Information: We have precious little information on this "adoption." We believe it could have been a grey market adoption, where the baby was just handed over to the adoptive father (who may even have been the birth father) after having been delivered. It's also possible that it was a black market adoption. The adoptee was given several different accounts of the events leading up to his birth and adoption.

good luck

♥*~*punk 4 eva*~*♥
im adopted im 15 and im not sure if i want to find my birth mom but i think it would be exiting i hope you find her.

Check out the adoption database

the senior pic of you looks like her and the pic when you were thirteen looks like her I hope you find her

Oh Dear, I hope you find your birthmother. =]

well i looked at your site! i must say you were a beautiful little girl!! and my opinion is yes to a point you do look like the woman in the pic!! you both have that chin!!! but sorry i do not know her! Good Luck on finding your family!!! may God bless you!!!!

Weapon S
Seriously, I hope you find your birthmom and they make a movie out of this. I don't mean to make a joke out of this. But If you do find your birthmom it would be a great story and it may give a message to other mothers who were forced give up their children.

Have you tried:

Also, it's costly, but how about this:

For support:

Yes, you look like her! Good luck!

To JustMe: it doesn't matter that she had a 'good life with her adoptive parents'. She wants to know her roots--ditch the guilt trip. She's an adoptee, not an indentured servant.

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