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Can you give back an adopted child?
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Can you give back an adopted child?

If the child for any reason does not fit into your family. Is it possible to give it back up for adoption?




Ebony M
I think you have like a trial kinda period.
But like, it depends. I dont really know.

Joseph the Second
Nope. You "bought it- you deal with it". Some Items are non-returnable.

Do you have the receipt?

Big Blue
Did you do your homework before you adopted this child? How much do you know about the biological parents? How old is the child? I am sure the child wants to go back to their biological family and would rather be with them than you. Give the adopted child back so both of you can be happier.

if your adoptee is a girl me and my girl would love to re-adopt. Let us know. We have lots of love to give to a child that has none in return. write us. jr98278 at yahoo.com

This child has already been rejected once.

Either their bio parents have died, they have been taken away from them or their bio parents were abusive.

What kind of sick person would just 'return' a child like that?

Legally, you can, because there is a 'trial' period.
I find it so horrible. It's like the woman at a till saying "we have a six month return policy".


It's not the same process as the first parents go through, it's a lot quicker and easier.

We are returnable, and occasionally refundable.

As screwy as it is, you can also sue under the sale of goods act if the kid is ill and you were 'sold' a healthy child.

NO, the child is a human being not just a shirt that you can trade back just because it doesn't fit you.

love my life
Legally yes you can. But have you given the child enough time to be able to adjust to having a new family and surroundings. It doesn't happen overnight. Even with bio children they sometimes don't "fit" into every aspect of their family's. That's why we all have our own unique and different personalities. I would give it more time. And not to be condescending but is it the child or is it you? Maybe you expect to much to fast

Victors momma
You shouldn't even be adopting


In the UK yes the child can be re-adopted but that is cruel and insensitive to the child's needs. The child has already been through the trauma of being adopted so to give back the child is cruel.

If my son's adad had his way my son would have been re-adopted when he was two as they had so many issues with him. The main reason why he wasn't re-adopted was because social services refused to ask me if I would have him back. I found that our last year from his adad who admitted that the only way they (aparents) would agree to him being re-adopted was if I was allowed to do so. I was never asked but had I been I would have agreed as I was coerced into surrendering in the first place.

Yes it is possible.,

I just wish it was possible for the child to do the same with a "parent" who would consider this an option.

Shame. The fit in part is supposed to be dealt with BEFORE the adoption. So...someone lied to get the child home...then changed their mind. Fraud perpetuated on the innocent.

Stephen B
Why the hell would you do that? That's like saying "my hamburger is wrong, i want a new one"

Yes you can.

Children are not puppies.

Adoption is for life.

How cold hearted can you get?

Yes, but why do that? You don't always get along with your family now do you? That's no reason to give them away.

I really hope you're kidding.

That would seriously damage a kid.

If you think you might wanna give the kid away after if they aren't perfect, you definitely shouldn't even be thinking about adopting.

Randy B
Technically, you can give an adopted child back up for adoption. Its the same process that the birth parents did in the first place.

legally yes.... I just read something today from like a celeb gossip/update website (mediatakeout.com) that a women returned a baby because he didn't fit into her family and they weren't able to bond with him...

and to make matters worse... the women was white and the baby she adopted was black.. ouch!

Happy Mommie
Yes (sadly). During the trial period (Ut is 6 months) the family can change thier minds.

Happens :(

For all those all too quick to judge, read up on R.A.D., a psychological attachment disorder. Until you walk in another's shoes... check out http://women.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/women/families/article3801614.ece for some insight. Wishing all parents in such a predicament lots of good wishes. I do believe, in the worst of situations, that one can petition the court to relinquish their parental rights. However, I would consult an adoption attorney to insure that all one's ducks are in a row.

angry adopter!!
As an adopter myself, i find a lot of these comments disturbing, how many of you have actually taken in a child who has defecated all over your house, told you they wished you were dead, peed outside your bedroom, stolen and lied and cheated his way through childhood, when all you have tried to do is love them, support them, cherish and care for them; Actually it's much worse than taking on a disobedient puppy, because these kids know exactly what they are doing, they don't come gift wrapped in pink fuzzy blankets as a cute baby, they come as damaged and hurt children, and unfortunately the social service system is flawed in the build up to meeting and getting to know these kids, and by the time they are calling you mummy and daddy its way too late to change your mind. Have a care people, until you take a destructive and damaged, walking talking ticking time bomb into your home you have no right to comment! Good luck to the person who has obviously gotten so desperate for help they have come on here for stupid people to give them good advice!!!

Are you serious? It takes time to bond. I'll take your child if you don't want it.

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