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British embassy, London. Address and phone number needed please.?
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British embassy, London. Address and phone number needed please.?

I have been doing web searc h and seem to be unable to get the full postal and telephone number of the British embassy in london. I seem to be getting every other embassy address but the one i actually want !
Can any kind person help please?
Need it for applying for Affidavit form
Additional Details
Forgive me
I meant Home Office.


You should be able to get affadavit forms from any solicitor.

If it is something to do with immigraqtion then try the Home Office of the Borders agency

Really, you should understand why would there be a British Embassy in London.

Mark G
There's no British Embassy in Britain. That's the point.

You might be thinking of the Home Office or the Ministry of Justice?

Old Cynic
Why the hell would the UK have its own embassy in its own country? Duh! Here's a clue - there is no American embassy in America, no French embassy in France, no Egyptian embassy in Egypt, you get the pattern?

The Dark Side
There is, of course, no British Embassy in London. Why would a country have an embassy to itself? If you can be more specific about what you are applying for, I might be able to direct you to the correct government department.

There is no British Embassy in London, London IS in Britain.

I think you need to explain a bit more what you are trying to do ...
and why you would need an affadavit (and what of) from a UK authority.

An Affidavit, is only a witness statement..
So what is the statement and for whome ?

A British embassy (the representative office of the UK gov), would only be a source of affidavit's if you were resident in another country, and needed to have a UK document or status formally confirmed by a respected authority (The UK gov).

peter woods
all i want is the embasseies phone number ,why is it not displayed on website

can anyone help please, i am in mexico and i am trying to get a contact n/o for the uk border agency, there seems to be no phone n/o or direct email to contact them, there web page is just not helpful, [ i am a british citizen ] i find this amazing that you can not speak to anyone direct there!!!

John Steeples English married to a Filipina
I've been trying for six weeks now to trying get a visa for my wife in the Philippines to go to England for six weeks I can't get one sent many emails to everybody use the telephone every day nobody seems to know how to do it . I think stopping the Filipinos going out of the Philippines Dec 19 2014

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