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How to find an adopted relative?
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How to find an adopted relative?

I'm on the hunt for my first cousin. I know minimal information about her. IE: That she is a woman, born in 1985 or 6, state, and birth parents names, and state. My only problem is, is asking my uncle (her father) I'm afraid would cause WWIII, something that I do not want to do. So, how would I go about this? Any information would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!


OMG! I think that's the first time I've just TDed Linny!

While I agree with the bit about talking to your parents, I disagree with the you shouldn't be trying to get in touch part. When I was searching, it wouldn't've mattered to me who found me, as long as I got found.

Maybe you could ask your Mom or Dad for more information about the situation. You could also explain to your parents and your uncle that most adoptees wish to be found. I do, however think it is not your place to contact her. reunion is extremely complex & highly personal and most adoptees do not want anyone involved except for themselves and their first parents....most dont even want their adoptive parents involved.

I would approach your parents first, maybe even your grandparents to get more info about the adoption, then approach your uncle. Maybe give him some links to different search registries. I do think it could cause WWlll if you did this on your own. Im sure your cousin will be thrilled to know you, but first contact should only be for the first parents and their surrendered child.

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