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Is it illegal for a mother to put the wrong father's name on the newborn's birth certificate?
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Is it illegal for a mother to put the wrong father's name on the newborn's birth certificate?

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Is it legal for a mother to put "unknown" as the father if she does know?


I think you would have a very hard time proving the mother intentionally put the wrong name on the certificate. Some women really don't know, and in some states, no matter who the biological father is, if the woman is married her husband's name goes on the certificate at the time of birth.

The birth certificate is a legal document. However if the father does not sign, his name can not go on the birth certificate. It is possible to have no fathers name on the birth certificate. When I youngest daughter was born they sent me a a birth certificate with just her name. I was pissed. They made a mistake, they said no one signed. I had to file for a new one.

If it is not, it should be.

Candy Kisses

Mikaela's Mommy
you dont have to put anything on it if you dont want to. and the child can have whatever last name you want it to. if you are not married the father has to sign the birth certifacate however. so if he is not willing than nothing gets put down, or if you dont want him down you dont have to say anything

Broken wings
You can put whoever you want as the father on the birth certificate. For ex. If the father is a dead beat, in and out of jail, druggy and so forth and I knew O wouldnt get child support I wouldnt want him listed as the father so I would put unknown too

bonnie k
You do NOT have to put the fathers name on the birth certificate. That is your choise. It is a leagle docmunt but if you choose to have father unknown then that is your choice. My friend has father un known on 2 of her childrens BC's That is just something that is a personal issue you will HAVE to explain later in life to the child.

yes. Because the child deserves to know who their real father is. The mother should leave it blank until she knows for sure who the father is. If she puts the wrong guy, then wants to go for child support, the court will order a DNA test since they are not married and it WILL come out that the document is not legal. Then that guy will have to go through a bunch of trouble to get his name removed from the birth certificate. The mother is being very conniving if she does this. And she should have to pay for everything to get it fixed.

Th33 R3aL!sT:)
I don't know it iz illegal but i think that it is not right because it will confuse your child as he or she getz older. Your better off just not putting the fathers name on there at all, but at the sametime, the man who thinks he is the childs father would start to think that you are hiding something, ya knw.?

Lady Rowan
It should be, if the mother does so intentionally. that is a LEGAL document.

i've seen my orginal birth certificate(a copy anyway, my bio mom made one before she gave us up) and it has my biologicl father. but my bio sister(same father AND mother) her BC has no father listed. something seems wrong to me about that.

~Sue~ Mommy of 5
You could also put "Undisclosed" it means you know who the father is but you do not want his name on it.

Any one can have their name placed as the father if you are not married. You and him both would just have to sign but in order to have a name removed or changed you would need to have a paternity test.

Melissa Swan
It is illegal to put a false name on and you could be prosecuted. If you put unknown it is illegal but nobody could ever prove you did know.......
if the father was violent or abusive in some way I would put unknown. It would be very difficult to prove you were lying.

It is not illegal for the mother to put unknown or not fill in the father information unless she is married. By law, in the US, the man to whom she is legally married is the father of the baby. However, it IS illegal, if she is unmarried, to fill in the name of a guy whom she knows is not the father. However, this is rarely prosecuted criminally AND IT SHOULD BE!

June Cleaver Would Be Appalled
Unfortunately, no, it isn't. She can make up a name, not put any name down at all, or put the wrong name of a real person down.

Plenty of potentially great fathers are totally unaware of their children's existence because of selfish women refusing to acknowledge their right to be in their child's life.

Da Brat
You could put unknown even if you know, if the father wants his name on the birth cert. then he could take you to court if your not willing to do it. Now putting another father on the birth certificate can't be done, I don't think unless there is a paternity form signed from both.

If it's not it should be. Every child deserves the truth of their origins.

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