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do both parents to be have to sign adoption papers?
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do both parents to be have to sign adoption papers?

my son's girl is pregnant and wants to give it up for adoption. Does he have any rights? Can he keep the child? He has a steady job and place to live and wants his child.


Julia B
Both parent's have to sign the papers or it is an illegal adoption.

rugby chick
Yes he has a say in what goes on with the child. IF the mother goes ahead and gives the child up without his consent he can protest the adoption.
He needs to sit down with the girl and discuss the situation.
Good Luck

Well, in most states in the US. There are a few that only require the mother's signature.

As gypsywinter said, get a lawyer, order a paternity test. He may have to prove his ability to parent, but from what you say, it sounds like that shouldn't be a problem.

Yes provided the girlfriend is honest he is the father so best suggestion is he finds out what his legal rights are.

Yes, he has to give his signiture inorder for her to give the baby up for adoption. If she really wants no responsibity and the guy is willing to have her out of the babys life, she can sign up her rights and the dad can have FULL rights. But if they do it this way she wont be obligated to pay child support. If he wants child support then he can just file for full custody at the court office and see if he does win.

Dread Head has a pet Zorro
H***** gave you some very important suggestions and they are good ones.

you have to make sure he is there every step of the way and don't stop fighting. The baby in question is lucky to have a father like your son.

He needs a paternity test and a lawyer. She can't give up your grandchild without your son giving up his rights. He CAN parent his own child.

Your son needs to get a lawyer ASAP BEFORE his baby is born..he also has the right to demand a paternity test that will legally have him on record as his child's father. If at all possible, for him to know what adoption agency the GF is using/going to. The Dad has to be involved every step of the way..legally...and without any personal harassment from him to her. A good family lawyer should be able to safeguard your son's parental rights and the right to keep and raise his own child. Any and all emails, text messages, phone calls should be saved...especially if GF is threatening to abscond with the baby...simply so that the father cannot exert his parental rights...it happens.

I wish you all the very best and that the mother of his child, has a change of heart to keep and raise her own child, to include baby's dad and dad's family in the life of the child as well. Sending positive thoughts your way.....

Yes he has rights. But make sure your son asserts them because the agencies who profit from adoption are VERY good at evading a man's rights and the usually get away with it.

He needs to register on the Putative Father's registry if your state has one. Watch out though, many fathers have discovered that an agency has had a mother cross state lines to give birth to evade his rights.

Also stay in touch every step of the way and ensure your son makes his intentions very clear one way or the other. If they don't get his signature, they may try other ways around it. Check all the legal publications because if it's claimed 'father unknown' all they have to do is advertise for him to come forward in some obsure publication that they KNOW he'll never read and hey presto they can legally cut him out of the picture

Yes he has every right to raise his child. Your grandchild. I wish you luck in keeping you grandbaby within the family

yes if wishes to take custody of the child he can, she cant put the baby up for adoption without his permission... if she dosnt list him as the father on the birth certificate he may need to get a court order for a paternity test first but that shouldnt be too hard to do

How far along is she? He needs to be part of the pregnancy as well. He needs to be there for the birth, and signing of the birth certificate. I just had this conversation with some one else and if he is not around during the pregnancy and birth, he can be dismissed. I had no idea that could happen.

Yes, he has rights, but he needs a lawyer now before the baby is born.

ETA: If he hasn't shown an active involvement in the pregnancy, the benefits of registering with the putative father's registry may amount to nothing more than an invitation to the termination proceedings. He needs a lawyer before the baby is born.

Yes both parents have to sign to put a child up for adoption. Yes he can keep the child if he wishes. He will need an attorney to safeguard his rights.

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