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what happens if you are in the process of adopting a baby, pay for all of the mothers bills, then she does not?
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what happens if you are in the process of adopting a baby, pay for all of the mothers bills, then she does not?

sign the baby over in the end?
would you be able to sue her?
ive been doing some research on adoption, and i hear stories like this all of the time and never get to hear what happens to the mother and the child...

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i mean if the adoptive famalies send checks to her DR for treatment she recieves


Jenni Fraun
Yes you would.

Brooke N
yes sue her

The only way you can sue is if you have proof of money given to her always use a check I had a friend who was given her son to this couple they paid ALL her bills and gave her extra money for the whole 9 months after the baby was born they gave her 3,200 at the hospital to cover bills and things till she went back to work they took the baby from the hospital had him 2 days and she went to their house Sunday night at 10pm with the cops and took him back and they were out everything because they had no proof. Also the papers to make it final were to be done that Monday try to do papers before or before you leave the hospital and hope the baby isn't born at a time where you have to wait a few days like what happened to them.

r s
foster care would not help anything... yes people pay all the birth mom's expenses and yes the mom can decide not to place the baby with you and walk, and there is nothing to sue over because you were not paying her for her baby, you were helping her out...

now if they were not with child, sometimes they get those people... but most of the times cons get away...

it really depends why you are doing this... imo it is wrong to expect people wanting to adopt to pay for living costs....

but the baby is hers and she should have every right to change her mind

this board is rough on both side.... a lot of unhappy people around

find a good agency

medicaid usually picks up just about any unwed mother or low income mom with a baby on the way.... and the child until the adoption is final.. at least in the states around here...

so I never really get that....

the system is so screwed

There's a simple way to prevent this from happening....people need to stop buying and selling babies. It's a disease.

She has the right to take the child back for 6 months. It is her child until the papers are all legal. And you will always share that child with her. Adoptees are childern to two sets of parents. Sadly the adoptee loses in the end because they have no rights to any history at all.

Well if it is done with no intention of placing a child, then it's a scam and you can go to jail, like the girl on Dr. Phil who took money and ran to walmart buying baby items for her lover who really was expecting.

It's better to not even go there.

Don't take it and don't give it. If you give it, don't expect ANYTHING in return, consider it a gift that may help someone keep their child.

No, you can't sue her because that would in essence mean that you were buying a baby. It's a risk you take on.

If it was done deliberately as a scam, then you do have the option to sue.

You would have no legal recourse. Until the mother terminates her parental rights-- which she can't do until after the birth-- she is still the child's legal parent. She has every right, both morally AND legally, to keep her baby.

Any money for living or medical expenses given to an expectant mother is legally considered a gift, not payment for services rendered. Infants can't be bought and sold under law. You can't demand a baby in exchange for money, that would be human trafficking. If the mother wants to parent, she can, no matter how much money the prospective adoptive parents have given her-- and she is totally within her rights according to the law.

It can be very coercive to give money to an expectant mother in anticipation of adopting her child. It would be more ethical to help her to sign up for welfare and state subsidized housing if she needs it, Medicaid to cover her medical expenses, and WIC to provide for her nutritional needs. That way the expectant mother doesn't feel she "owes" her baby to anyone if she decides she can parent after all. As an added bonus, the prospective adoptive parents wouldn't take a financial loss if she decided to parent.

ETA: I didn't realize you were the expectant mother. That changes my answer somewhat, since it comes from a different perspective.

If you KNOWINGLY accept money from the prospective adoptive parents when you have NO intention to placing your baby, in some jurisdictions that would be fraud. What I said above assumes the expectant mother is acting in good faith and has simply changed her mind. If it is proven that she was acting ON PURPOSE to deceive so she could the obtain money, she very well could be sued or charged with fraud.

An expectant mother can still change her mind if she does accept help with living expenses. That doesn't prevent her from being able to choose to parent. That's totally different from deliberately scamming the prospective adoptive parents.

As for allowing them to pay your living and medical expenses, I suggest you just don't even go there. If you need assistance, get it from the state.

if you take cash or check, it's called baby selling.

You are s.o.l.

no pre-birth matching would be more ethical.

Foster care would eliminate these concerns.

3 girls and 1 boy for me!
If the baby is not signed over, there is nothing that you can do. All perspective adoptive parents should go into the process with the realization that the mother/father have the right to change their mind and keep their child. As far as I am aware, you cannot sue them for the money they got, You can however collect the tax credit even if it is a failed adoption.

magic pointe shoes
Okay, let me sum up your last four questions and answer responsibly. You are in your early pregnancy with a baby whom you don't know is the father. If the baby is fathered by one specific father than out the baby goes, darn the consequences. If the baby's father is the other person, than most likely you might consider adoption anyway.

Because you cannot wait until the birth of the child for a paternity test to be done, you want to risk your pregnancy with in utero testing when you have no money or insurance for that testing.

Instead you want to practically give away your child for the cost of health care and that particular test to be done. But if you decide to parent after all because of the results and time to change your mind, you want to make sure your still not caught holding the bills.

I suppose the next question will ask about what other things the potential adoptive parents can pay for if you also still promise your baby to them and not be sued.

Sigh. Get some counseling. Stat.

edit to add:
you posted this http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ar6T7rHq.oDMzth.4D7i7qlq.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20081008161427AAkfQlS
"Anyone know how i can get info. about giving my baby up for adoption? [in WA]?
im 14 weeks pregnant and not sure if i want to keep the baby yet. does anyone know where i can get info about adoption in washington state?"

you then posted this: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Ajt25eSZbIgy0pRB3kKxeeNq.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20081008162801AA5rUzs
"There is a 50/50 chance of me doing adoption, depends on DNA?
i can not afford to pay for the DNA test, and my insurance does not cover it. i am 14 weeks pregnant and i want to do an amnio test to see which person is the father.
if the father is the person who i think it is i plan on doing adoption.
i want to interview adoptive famalies right now so that when the baby is born they are ready to take him right from the hospital.
do you think they would pay for the prenatal DNA test? total cost is about 1000 dollars and the results are right away

Additional Details
2 hours ago
even if the father is who i want it to be we are STILL thinking about adoption and it is very possible."

then you changed aliases: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AsdjkkhqTtxp0EW9o2U7xKpq.Bd.;_ylv=3?qid=20081008172926AARvd4U
"Do adoptive famalies pay for all the medical needs of the birth mother?what kinds of things can they help with?
do they pay for all the DR bills? would they pay for a prenatal DNA test if the mother requested one?
i want to give my baby up for adoption and my only requests are that the adoptive family pays for my medical needs thru my pregnancy, and that they pay for a prenatal DNA test so i can have some closure

Additional Details
1 hour ago
how is that selling my kid? im not getting any money at all, i cant afford my medical care"

**and now this question.** I stand by my summary. Also, even if you were two different people who happen to ask the same questions on the same night within hours of each other, it's still the same summary.

what the french toast?
those were posted by me, look at the name smart one.

and to answer your question, no the adoptive famalies can not sue the birth mother unless they have some sort of a written agreement that if she changes her mind she must pay them back,

EDIT: so because we have similar questions we are the same person? if you will look at our profiles you would notice that we are each at completely different levels,
why are you going out of your way to be rude and cause drama on here? if you dont agree with the question then DONT ANSWER IT. dont even open it. that simple.

This is strange but not sure what to do at all. We had a failed adoption we spent over 3,000.00 on the girl paying her electric bill to keep lights on which was 300 bucks feeding her and taking her places we had to get motel rooms food travel to her dr appoiments we have written proof that she wanted us to adopt her unborn child little boy we paid off the atty and the day that our lawyer was going to fax the papers to the hospital and her doctor she up and decides she wants this other couple to adopt her child. I mean this was like 2 weeks before she delivered. we had the baby room new stuff ect and she smearing our name all over the place bad we did nothing but try to help her and she even introduced us as the parents to the baby to her doctor and hospital staff I mean all in all we lost alot of money should we blow it off and not go after her for expeces ect or go after her? she is unemployed right now and when she works um it not good work I am confused This just happened this month and I still been crying upset over it all. I mean we went out of our way for her and this what happens.. I cant have kids that was taken out when i was 24 no uterus ovaries nothing. so me giving up eggs not happening at all. We have been with this girl for over 6 months traveling to her dr and feeding her caring for her being there . If you were in our shoes what would you do. Now take in consideration that we are Christians what would you do?

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