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U.S. visa interview...do's and don'ts?
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U.S. visa interview...do's and don'ts?

my interview is on the 13th...what can i expect to run into? what possible questions do they ask?

i'm getting non-immigrant visa since i'm a seafarer...what can i say that would convince the consulate that i am not going to jump-ship onto american soil?


I think they will most likely if you have tried to get in the US before. You should just be completely honest because if they find out you are lying then they will not give you that visa. They also ask if you have been in any crime or in a polygamy or done a terrorist act or somehing crazy.But its a very smooth process. Very stupid questions but that is the American way.
Good luck!

Seyi O
It all depends on which country you are applying from. If you are in India, Pakistan, Nigeria (countries with high pop and high poverty), then you are facing an uphill task. Having said that, I will tell you that the US embassy staff try as much as possible to be fair. So if you have a good case (which will often show by so many factors) then you stand a good chance.

Tell the truth
Come to the interview prepared
Fill out the application carefully and completely

Provide false documents
Rent a suit from someone else (believe it or not, this is very common in some countries!)
Be nervous

Try and see yourself through the eyes of someone who has to do hundreds of interviews per week, with (depending on the country) most of those people lying to you, providing false documents, etc. What would convince YOU to give someone a visa?

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