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Can an illegal alien be deported if married to a U.S citizen?
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Can an illegal alien be deported if married to a U.S citizen?


if you married a u.s citizen and applied for permanent residency i don't see why someone should get deported. nope

Depends which one came first. If you got married first, you should be protected.

However, if you were in the deportation process, when you got married, then nothing will help you.

What other people said, it's not true. The marriage gives you an amnesty, unless the immigration decides that the marriage is not real and deny you of a residenship. That still doesn't put you into the deportation. You have enough time to appeal and etc. Trust me. I have dealt with many immigrants despite of their statuses.

Contact the local immigration attorney. Their first consultation is usually free.

a TRUE American
Yes. A lady here in my town is married to an illegal. He has been deported 3 times. The scum keeps sneaking back across the border though.

Not To Serious
Thank God YES

Razor Jim

Disco Diva
Yes, they are still an illegal alien.

Of course, they can. They still are an illegal criminal alien.

Mark B
YES and they will be DEPORTED NOW.

~*Ă—0Ă—*~ JoJo ~*Ă—0Ă—*~
Yes and doesn't matter if there is a marriage or children involved they will deport illegals here and then it's up to them to decide to take their spouse or children with them or not.

Yak Rider
Yes, absolutely.

Lori K
Of course.

Yes...mainly because proper procedure has not been followed. Usually, you would marry, file for K-3 visa, in conjunction with the I1-30, and migrate him legally. However, with the new laws, we can never tell! You can also check online.

But of course.I knew a lady who was always looking for someone American for her son to marry so he could get a green card.He was here illegally for the 2nd time under an assumed name.He finally married a Portuguese-American girl and it was for love.One night,he was out at the bar and witnessed a murder in the alleyway.He reported the murder and the police thanked him for it and claimed they would not call immigration on him.Low and behold,the next day,immigration was hauling him away to Boston.Since he was already here illegally twice,he was told he could not step foot in the USA for 20 years.His wife and 3 kids ended up joining him in Guatemala.

Yes they can! Marriage to an American won't keep them here! Until you have completed the proper paperwork and received the verification and visa...etc.....they can be taken back to their homeland! Best wishes!!!

being married to a US citizen makes it easier to get residency and then you can apply for citizenship, but if you haven't bothered to file any of the applications for these two conditions, yes you can be deported.

also the authorities are on to people who get married just for this purpose and your life and hers will be closely scrutinized, so don't conclude that this is going to be easy.

of course.

also, if you already got married, the illigal WILL be punished for entering the US illegally. They will be deported and not allowed to enter the US for a period of time (about 2 years) even if they are married with a US citizen. So even if this marriage is not fraud, YOU will have to visit them in their home country.

if they leave before you get married and you marry them in their home country, then a legal form of entry to the US can easily be obbtained when entering the US.

just remember, if they disrespected the US immigration law, they will be deported and punished.

yes certainly



Amanda h
yes. He is still here illegally.

Yes. They need to fill out paperwork through the Dept. of Homeland Security and be approved before getting some sort of temporary legal status. The site below may help you out.

Joenne Louis Jeune
Dear Sir, I live in the caribbean. My brother was married to and American lady, couple months ago she said she was filing for divorce. How can he sign divorce papers? He was deported back to the caribbean how can he know when divorce is finalized? Thank you for a prompt answer.

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