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Can i join the army with a conditional green card?
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Can i join the army with a conditional green card?

Can i join the army with a conditional green card?
i've asked this question before and i am asking one more time. cause i am getting mixed answers. can i join the army with a conditional green card?? valid for 4 years. i want to join the army Active duty. can i?


2010-09-29 13:44:08 +0000
All conditional green card is valid for 2 years. Never heard 4 year conditional one.

And even with Conditional green card, you can still enlist. However, make sure you file I-751 before the card expires.

2010-09-29 07:03:35 +0000
Of course you can. Do a little googling and research and you will find that a lot of people have done this.

2010-09-29 07:21:59 +0000
Sure you can, Its a great way to serve this country. It will for help you change your status permanent resident and later if want to purse in being a U.S citizen it will also help... However you should contact a recruiter and discuss it with them.. Each recruiting office is different some stricter than others, so contact several offices

2010-09-29 13:30:18 +0000

Your conditional green card is not valid for 4 years

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