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Do you think the KKK just started a new chapter in ARIZONA?
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Do you think the KKK just started a new chapter in ARIZONA?

doesnt it seem that way?


2010-08-13 15:48:37 +0000
Sheriff Joe Arpaio loves the Nazi support he's getting. The KKK knows they can get away with murder in AZ, so yes! they have started a new chapter their.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio says hi to his neo-Nazi supporters, poses for pix

Men in Neo-Nazi outfits voice support for Arpaio

2010-08-13 15:46:21 +0000
Oh Honey! it's been there for many many years. Where do you think Jan Brewer gets the money for her campaigns?

2010-08-13 16:48:36 +0000
No, I don't think so. I think the chapter is already established but they want it to grow.

2010-08-13 15:42:52 +0000
No, it doesn't .

2010-08-13 15:42:23 +0000
No...You see the KKK doesn't care if you are here legally or not....Whereas in Arizona, their concern is with people breaking LAWS

2010-08-13 15:54:44 +0000

2010-08-13 15:50:21 +0000
YES, it's called the Republican Party with Gov Jan Brewer as the Grand Wizard..

2010-08-13 16:03:55 +0000
Then it will be two racist groups in Ari. Doesn't la raza have an office in Ari too.

2010-08-13 15:43:06 +0000
yea the kkk teamed up with thousands of black ppl who support arizonas immigration law too..?

2010-08-13 15:51:56 +0000
LMFAO @ Dallas's answer. I agree with him/her.

2010-08-13 15:42:29 +0000
Arizona is the new headquarters for the KKK.

Arizona law makers are backed by them, so they are coming in droves.

White Supremacists Donate to Arizona SB 1070's Legal Defense

Russell Pearce, who has strong Neo-Nazi ties

Racist roots of Arizona's immigration law

2010-08-13 15:43:20 +0000
Why? Was there an upswing in democrat registrations there?

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