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Has anyone heard of Operation Return to Sender? Illegal immigration raid?
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Has anyone heard of Operation Return to Sender? Illegal immigration raid?

The raid was the latest in a series of get-tough enforcement measures by ICE in the United States, but the largest action of its kind in California, where more than a third of the population is Hispanic.

I think there needs to be raids everywhere. Lets get it on!!!!!!!!!!


LMAO opertaion 'Return To Sender' thats hilarious.

Venkat M
Operation Return to Sender is a Department of Homeland Security Initiative that began sometime after mid-2004. Note that there are simulataneous operations, codenamed "community shield" - which goes after alen gang members -, "operation end-game" - which targets absoconding, deported aliens - that began soon after 9/11, and still in effect. The mission and intent of these operations overlap and at times, the mainstream media, upon a high-profile raid, erroneously reports the name of the operation responsible for the raid and arrests. Hence, double-counting and under counting is common when thinking about the number of aliens that were affected.

The goal of "Return to Sender" is to rid this nation of the 600,000 or so fugitive aliens who have had their day in federal court and have been found deportable by an immigration judge. The operation, as a the priority, seeks out, apprehends, and deports those that have criminal convictions. Aliens that have been ordered deported purely for administrative, immigration violations receive lesser priority.

2005 and 2006 saw a spike in the number of arrests stemming from this operation. In many instances, state and local law enforcement provides onsite logistical and pre-arrest support. Agents from ICE (immigration and customs enforcement) usually investigate fugitives, checking out their last known addresses, workplaces and other whereabouts. Once the identity is ascertained beyond doubt, the raid, usually an incospicious pre-dawn affair, takes place.

Walking on Sunshine
Well that's a start but what about the others that come from Canada, India and other countries on a visitor or education visa and then stay here without renewal or citizenship? They should be included too.

Thats great! Mculasso is just bitter because hes on the deportation list! http://www.lframerica.com/march2.html

There is a GOD!

thats real funny jason s america for americans? then the american indian people would throw us out too if that was the real case, because this is thier land originally, half of the united states is based on immigrants and therefore u cant say america is for americans, gosh people are so stupid sometimes.

together at last
They already have 2 Americas,central and south,Now they want ours too....

king Ebanks of USA
yea i heard about the raid need More daily until all illegal aliens are out!!!

The week long series of raids in the five-county region targeted illegal immigrants who had previously been deported for crimes or had ignored final deportation orders.

Roger N
Now who's going to do my lawn?

Round 'em up and boot 'em out.
Time to rope and wrangle 'em like a cattle drive.

It's amazing. and about d@mn time.

jason s

There have been 13k+ arrests across the country, targeting border states, and transportational hub states, so far, this year. California wasn't the only place this happened in.

Are you teasing me?! You better not get me all excited if you ain't gonna finish me off!

Susan S
Do it...

Do you need some help??

Double 709
It´s a great start, I just hope they can keep it up and continue to make more and more arrests all over the country.

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