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How can you become a dual citizen of the US and another country?
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How can you become a dual citizen of the US and another country?


2010-09-10 03:16:32 +0000
You must go through the process of the other country in general before you can become a dual citizen.There are no real advantages to being a dual citizen other than being a citizen of two countries at the same time and whatever advantages that may come with it.

2010-09-08 01:25:48 +0000
Yes i know someone who is a citizen of the US and of New Zealand. Both of his parents are from new zealand however

2010-09-08 02:04:14 +0000
You can become a citizen of a country by birth or by naturalization. By birth it would be via being born on the soil of that country (just soli) or by bloodline (jus sangious). The US recognizes both forms but most countries have abandoned the jus soli option, meaning if you are born in the UK, for example, and your parents are not UK citizen, you are not one either.

Basically, you can collect as many citizenships as you wish. I have 3 (US/Sweden/Germany). You will have to move to a certain country, become a legal resident, and eventually a naturalized citizen. Once that's done you move to the next country.

One caveat, however: some countries won't play along, meaning they won't allow you to keep an old citizenship when you become a citizen of their country. Most prominent examples are India, China, Denmark, and the Ukraine, so stay away from those. Do USA, Russia, Spain and England first and report back in 2045.

Good luck!

2010-09-08 01:23:30 +0000
It depends on the other country. For instance, you can become a dual citizen of UK and USA but I'm not sure which other countries.

Usually if you're going to become a dual citizen you were born one place but live in the other. In the case of living in the USA when it's time to renew the "green card" then instead you can apply for naturalization status. It used to take about 1 1/2 years (my husband did this in June of 2000, just before 911) and I know it's about $600-800 to do all the new forms now. Go to the INS website (Immigration and Naturalization Services) and it will guide you through.

2010-09-08 01:23:05 +0000
How many Countries would you like to become a Citizen of.... as you seem to be trying hard to get another. ?

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