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How long after being deported can she come back to USA?
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How long after being deported can she come back to USA?

5 years ago my friend visited me here in the USA,while staying here she helped me at my job. After couple of months she went back to Europe, when she wanted to come back here again, she was questioned at the airport and they deported her because they knew she worked here on tourist visa. they canceled her visa and told her when she get new one, she can come back. Since than she tried to get visa, but was denied.
My question is, how long after being deported can she apply for tourist visa? Does she have a chance to come back to the USA again?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone for your answers, for those of you who are attacking my friend without knowing any details: she only helped me at my job, when the immigration officers yeled at her and hold her for several hours, they gave her 2 options:
.1. admit she was working and go back home
2. go to jail
you with the negative answers never bin in situation like this, and if you would I bet you do the same she did, -pick #1.


she cannot come back after deportation

It may be a minimum of 100 days (from today) before your friend should apply for another visa. All depends on the next 100 days what things change and what things stay the same.

She has a chance. It's fairly slim at this point, but it's not gone.

Stimpson J. Cat
Hopefully, she does not have a chance to come back again. That is why she was DEPORTED!!

Common Sense
It's very unlikely that she would be granted a visa after deportation. Your friend shouldn't have worked on a tourist visa, it was her fault, not the US government's.

I would really consider contacting a board certified immigration lawyer on your friend's behalf. You also might want to re-ask this question on www.immigrate2us.net. You need to create a log-in (it is closely monitored to ensure constructive advice over political debate and insults), but it is worth it. There is probably a re-entry bar involved in your friend's case, as stated by some of those above. However, how permanent that bar is, may depend. There is currently some discussion about reforming some of the more draconian permanent re-entry bars that exists in our immigration system so do some research (also when you find what looks like a thorough site, make sure to cross check the names of the contributors on google, etc. to see waht else they are involved in, to give you a better idea of their personal biases and perhaps purpose behind their site). good luck to your friend.

this happened to my uncle s gf... wait 4 years then get one again .... im sorry this happened to u

I have a friend of mine who went through that, message me, maybe you could email her and ask. But this can be a very tough situation

i believe it depends on the severity of her violation...but most times it just varies from case to case...tell her to keep trying and if she's going to come back she better not work illegally or they will find out again, and then they might ban her for life.

So in other words, your friend was ILLEGALLY WORKING in the United States. That means that she was an ILLEGAL ALIEN. She was taking work away from US Citizens.

It might very well be a ten year ban under Section 212 of the INA.

Hopefully she lied and we got her under 212 6C - Fraud; and she earned herself a lifetime ban.

i dont think she will get a chance anytime soon becasue America is not a forgiving country

Jeannie Out of the Bottle
She greatly complicated her situation by working without permission in the US and the presumption is always she benefited from helping you work. Having committed a violation, she has virtually disqualified herself for a visa.
Technically, she was denied entry, rather than deportation. It will remain in the records, and she will face the same situation any time she attempts to enter the US. CBP officials will deny her entry based on her history.
Her only option was to apply for an actual visa, not a simple visa waiver entry, but that will be rejected as apparently it already has been unless she can come up with compelling reasons to show she would not violate immigration/work restrictions again.

Depends on deportation people. Sometimes they say yes its okay and most times they say NO. Good luck though!

Jackson N
They can rule on that in a case-by-case basis, but typically she'll be banned for 10 years. Long time, I know. Sorry, man.

Ironic, considering how much we bend over backward to help invaders break our own laws as long as they are unskilled laborers who sneak across the southern border. God forbid we import a few professionals. Let's just export those jobs to Europe and Asia, since we're not letting them send any of their pofessionals here where they could pay US taxes and contribute to our economy.

Your friend knew it was against the rules to work here when she obtained her visa. Since she went against the rules, I believe she faces a lifetime ban of coming to the U. S. of A.

The time period that one must remain outside the USA after deportation is variable, as little as one year, and as much as 20 years, or in some cases a life time ban.

Three, five, and ten year bans are common.

If she is still subject to an entry bar, she can apply for a waiver with form I-212. If she is no longer inadmissible, she can apply for a regular visa, but she can not enter on a visa waiver.

Since she has been deported in the past, it will be difficult for her to get a visa even if/when she is otherwise eligible. She should be prepared to show stong ties to her home country, such as a job, lease or mortgage, bank account, family ties, and anything else she can think of.

Unlike regular law enforcement, immigration and border patrol tends to get away with working outside of the law when they want to. They know it's hard for someone with a 10 year ban to bring a lawsuit against them, so unscrupulous officers do whatever they want, including forcing people into lie, and then charging them with fraud for doing it, right Jeff?

Friend of mine
My friend was ILLEGALlY in the United States for fraud to her pastport does she have a chance to come back to usa??? its been 11 year since she left voluntary at that time the lawers back out to help her and said its best for her to leave USA.

well there is the chance ,i c this every day for people who get deported (they have usc kids and wife and no criminal record, 601-212 form .just because she got deported for overstay and illgl working dont make her criminal,her chance is slim but for other who got deported with kids and wife usc there is good chance to come back,i did!!

well there is the chance ,i c this every day for people who get deported (they have usc kids and wife and no criminal record, 601-212 form .just because she got deported for overstay and illgl working dont make her criminal,her chance is slim but for other who got deported with kids and wife usc there is good chance to come back,i did!!

oh...wel de same hapen wid me n my family cnt say any thing sum tym we r wrong n nthing 2 say

can someone help me??? 2005 i was applied for asylum in the states, i was found inadmissible because i was intered with faulse documents, the gave me 5 years to come back, now i have 6 years outside and I'm married, i have europeen passport, i dont need visa to travel, if i wanna go to the states just to visit some family, can I. thanks

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