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I'm a U.S. citizen, if i marry an immigrant would that make him legal?
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I'm a U.S. citizen, if i marry an immigrant would that make him legal?

Additional Details
He's from El Salvador, and i love him so much!


no it does not. i hate when people tell you that that works because it does not you have to fill out buttloads of paperwork and it takes from 8 months to two years for them to decide. when you get married take pictures of the wedding (they want to see them) join your bank accounts together. save emails from each other. he has to take a bunch of medical test. you have to show your taxes. you have to live above poverty level. which i think this year was about 24k. they are bunches of things you need. in florida this is gonna cost you about 5 or 10 grand to get done by a lawyer. i wouldnt try do do it yourself.anymore question give me a yell and ill try to help you out!

..No... According to "BlogHog" once you are married.. whether it be in or out of the country and return to the States with a visa, it will only push his application to the bottom of the "sponsorship" entities..

And that alone can take up to 6 months to transfer. Now.. say if the application were to be labeled missing-- well, there goes getting married for nothing..

I truely believe illegals marry for that reason. However, all in all, it really doesn't help. Specifically because there is more paperwork.

Although you are sponsoring him.. and the same "last" name appears on the two of your papers, the extra paperwork equals it back to where it was in the first place.

Don't believe all these uninformed sausage heads.. They know nothing. Go to bloghog, sign up, and get all the information you ever wanted.

I just did it.. and there is so much **** on your question, you could be reading it for months.

Besides, once you get here after your marriage-- the only thing that will process thru quicker, is the green card. Nothing else.. And, because of you being the sponsor, it will actually cost more than the average $1,000.00 over a few years.

Oh.. and I almost forgot. If you are an illegal alien and try to get married here.. that's not a good idea. If that happens or if someone were to find out, you'd have to be married for at least 6 years until the State (whichever one you reside in) can confirm that your lifestyle is appropriate and equivalent of that of a legal citizen before offering a green card to your spouse.

If you are to do it out of the country, than you may come back, but you must be married from anywhere of 4 to 7 years. And.. if the State (which that you reside in) cannot validate you or your husband deemed worthy of citizenship, than he can be deported, along with you being fined.. up to 10,000 U.S. dollars and an imprisonment not to exceed 2 years. Depending on federal charges, etc.. it doesn't apply and may will be dealt with upon a higher; increased/ stricter disciplinary action.

However, if your husband is found illegally here, you can get married, but, the license will cost more and he will get deported. Most likely for a number of years... Because deportees' are currently receiving felonies.. (because that is the current law), he of course will be charged.

Whatever it is though.. Best wishes..

And thanks for doing it the LEGAL way...

(However, this whole "marriage--sponsorship" deal is about to change according to the new House Bill...)

--Rob J. :)~

No, You have to go through immigration applications and all that. My husband is Mexican, and we are going through all kinds of hell trying to get him legal! go to uscis.gov for applications! Good Luck!

james w
does he have all of his shots and is he spaded & neutered

no, because u will be heavily investigated by immigration since they're hip to the fact that lots of people do this just for the citizenship. if u still do it, find out as much about him as possible before getting married

well First of all is he in the USA? If he is he must be here legally. If not legally he must go back to the country and spend jail time. After he come out you can apply for him (form I-130). If he is not here in Usa you can apply for him and he can come here within 5 years. and it would be legal because u applied for him.

cool, im from el salvador, and true we're all lovable hotasses, but yeh once uve married him u can get all the paperwork, but itll be worth it.

No, it wouldn't make him legal. He'd have to apply to immigrate just like any other legal immigrant. It's a long, complicated process.

Only if you file a petition for him through the USCIS. Marrying him is not enough. Also if he came here illegally and he doesnt have an I-94, then he will be denied and ask to leave the country. If he overstayed on his visa that might also affect whether his he receive a green card. You can contact uscis.gov or www.emichoice.com for assistance.

If you marry an immigrant, you must take the marriage license over to your local Immigration office. There your spouse will be given a temporary green card and SSN card. In two years if remember correctly after your interview your spouse will get a perment green card. Making him legal. But that card can be revoked if he spends more than 50% of a year out of the country, or commites a crime. The best way for a spouse to stay permanently is for them to apply for citizenship which he can do after he has had his permament green card for 5 years.

He becomes a legal resident instantly (aka green card holder). You will have to remain married for at least 3 years for him to become eligible to apply for american citizenship.

NO, but it would make the process easier. You no longer have to worry about quotas, for instance.
you need to either apply for a fiancee isa so he can come and you can get married or get married and apply for your spouse to come in.

none of your biz.
yes but why would you wanna do that ? o an they are only legal after like bein married around like 3yrs to five yrs.

No.....that does not make him a legal immigrant.......but he becomes your spouse & could then apply for whatever he is entitled to as a US citizen's spouse.

Is he as crazy about you .....as you are about him. I mean there is REAL love......and not just becoz you are a US citizen (no offence meant!). Good luck! ....n..send me an invitation to the wedding.

Douglas R

yeah but don't do it there are plenty of American guys for ya here in the good old USA

Yes, but you have to be married for a certain amount of time. And the paperwork takes a while to go through.

Why should it make him illegal? we have the rights to marry the person we love, no?

I'm afraid just marrying an illegal immigrant won't make them legal. You have to go through alot of paperwork and it will cost you, depending on how you file your paperwork. I would recommend going to www.USCIS.gov and looking at some of the forms needed.

NO!!!!! You have to marry and apply for a green card. Then be married for three years and after that apply for him to become a U.S. Citizen. THen he has to take a test and if he passes he will be sworn in and become a US Citizen.

The Mick "7"
Green Card Only!!


sun kissed
YOu would marry him and then it would make all of the paper work a little easier because you would be his sponsor!

Check out the Department of Immigration's website....

It will list all of the steps and tell you what types of forms he needs to fill out and mail in...

yeah but keep in mind hed have to go back to his home country and get an invitation from you as his spouse to get in the country legally!!! Unless his country is unsafe like the way Irao or Somalia is at the moment

yes it would

Tenacious le grande
Yes! That would then give hime dual citizenship. And I think you have to satyed married for at least 1 year.

It will give him a basis for filing for his residency, you need to be married for 3 years before he could apply for citizenship.

Check out more info at


No it doesn't work anymore! He has to get a visa then apply for citizenship. You can go on line and get the steps you need to take . You can also call your local Social Security board for more info.

Not immediately. You would have to file an I-485 Petition for him to adjust his status. Visit USCIS.GOV for more information and to download Form I-485. He will get a "Green Card" and after 5 years he can apply to be a US citizen.

I hope you are marrying the person because you love them and not because you want to make them legal.

Also, not ALL immigrants are illegal. There are many legal immigrants who migrated to the USA after obtaining the required Immigrant Visa. If the man you plan to marry is a LEGAL immigrant, your marrying him will not affect or change his status.

Good luck!

Are you sure he is marrying for love or a green card?

Sorry but it is something to think about....

He can apply for a resident allien card. The process starts with a temporary card and withion two years that can become permanant if you are still married. I attached the link for you to follow for the USCIS. If he is not in the country yet the Allien Fiance(e) petition is faster than marrying and applying, but if he is here its simpler to get married and file for residency. The Alien Fiance(e) requires the applicant to be out of the country and takes a few months for the CIS and State Department to act.

Good luck, the system can be awkward and confusing for first timers.

my husbaned is in el salvadro now waiting,we are almost there but his medical exam has not come in yet for him to have is interviw. he had one in feb and march and now they told him they will call him when it comes in so they can interviw him.

Hello I'm 19 years old and I came to USA on 2004 with a visa.this visa only permit me to visit for 6 months but I stayed here until now,I graduated high school 2 years ago. My boyfriend was born here and we decided to get merry this year.what are the possibilities of me to be legal in USA ? What do I need to do to make it??

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