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I have been married to a US citizen for almost 3 years when can I file for citizenship?
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I have been married to a US citizen for almost 3 years when can I file for citizenship?


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Well...I might repeat what you already know but from personal experience, you must first obtain and valid Social Security Number the moment you set foot on the country (the legal way!) then 1 year after the arrival date in the USA you can file for Greencard which give you legal resident. And then you wait for another 5 years for the Citizenship. By marrying an US citizen does not grant you automatic citizenship but your children has the previously of automatic citizenship because their father is US citizen and that they are born in the US Soil. However, by marrying an US citizen you can apply for citizenship after 3 years of marriage with it seems you are qualify.

The first thing you should do is fill out form AR-11 (Change of address) so that the Immigration and Naturalization Service has the most current address in their systems to communicate with you. You can go to http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis for more details information and to print out the forms you need to file to obtain citizenship. Form N-400 is what you need - under this section there will be details information on how you can apply for Naturalization and optain your citizenship. Of course it does not come free...fees are also listed on this site. They also provide address where each form should be mail to. I played safe and always mail my forms to INS by certified mail so that I can get a confirmation signature of receipiants.

Hope the information help and good luck with your citizenship process. I just got my last year in August and I have to go through a lot of forms, interview - a lengthy process but I believe it worth it and I am proud to be an America.

Eileen B
First of all you have to have a "green card". After you get your green card, you must wait five (5) years before filing for citizenship.

Being married to a US citizen does not give any automatic citizenship, you could have applied before you were married, or one day after. While it will help slighty, you still have to meet all of the other standards.

wrong Eileen.

First you needed to apply for a conditional status based upon your marriage to your spouse a US citizen. Then you would adjust that status to permenent after two years and then a year later you can apply for a N 400 or US citizenship which is a total of three years. However, you have to have a total of 3 years since you filed your I 130.

5 years is for people who are either adjusting based on a different family member other than spouse or are not military. Spouses and military personel only wait three years.

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