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If My brother is a US Citizen can he apply for status for me?
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If My brother is a US Citizen can he apply for status for me?

My brother is 15 now ,but when he turns 21 can he stand for me to become an american citizen and if so how does that work?


my friend can apply a tourist visa for me? hes US citizen...

2009-05-29 15:10:54 +0000
At 21 he can petition you from your own country. He would have to prove financial responsibility for you. The wait is a long one, 10 - 15 years in some instances.

2009-05-29 14:27:02 +0000
once your brother is 21? he can sponsor you must also prove his financial capabilities to support you.
Petition for Alien Relative
Purpose of Form :
For citizen or lawful permanent resident of the United States to establish the relationship to certain alien relatives who wish to immigrate to the United States. Note: A separate form must be filed for each eligible relative. USCIS processes Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, as a visa number becomes available. Filing and approval of an I-130 is only the first step in helping a relative immigrate to the United States. Eligible family members must wait until there is a visa number available before they can apply for an immigrant visa or adjustment of status to a lawful permanent resident
the process is long..

2009-05-29 14:56:34 +0000
Yes, but the wait time for sibling sponsorship is 11 - 12 years. You are better off applying for a work visa.

2009-06-01 18:04:23 +0000
Yes, by 21 he would be able to sponsor you. But under the sibling category, this would take a very long time. You also have to understand that by then you would also be an adult which would really take longer. You did not mention how old you will be by that time but no matter, sibling petitions will take longer than 12 years wait. Will you be ready for it or will you now consider other options available?

Yes, he can sponsor you that is the easy part but for you to be able to move here before you have aged from waiting is another matter. Also, he has to show proof that he will be able to provide for your financial support once you come over and you both will not likely end up dependents of the government which is not an easy thing to prove when you are just 21, and starting adult life.

I suggest you consider other avenues of coming over sooner and quicker. Good luck!

2009-05-29 22:54:48 +0000
Your brother can file a visa petition in your behalf when he turns 21. It takes approximately 11 years for the visa to become available. You monitor the visa bulletin on the State Department site to see when your priority date comes up. It is a long wait. When the visa becomes available if you are eligible you can file for permanent resident status. Usually you have to not be here illegally for that to apply. Now if the permanent resident status is approved it is up to you to apply for US Citizenship after 5 years of being a resident.

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