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WHY is USA so strict on immigation laws?
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WHY is USA so strict on immigation laws?

i have no intention to live there; but us in europe are making a better effort to accept immigrants;do not forget that america would not be america without immigrants
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i like akablackb the rest of you are deploring they take your money.YOUR WARS are costing a lot more.THE problem is the same in europe but i INSIST we make more effort.AS FOR FRANCE to starve them you need a bit more research .AS for PEACHY the answers are all number 2 think. I NEED MORE CONSTRUCTIVES ANSWERS THANK U


to keep out moslem terrorists! and they are right, i say.

Jack ~"hispanics" came from EUROPE!

john doe
we are lax,try canada,you will see

j H
Try reading the Mexican constitution... much stricter then that of the US.

Our laws are very lax compared to many 1st world nations. Europe doesn't welcome people with open arms, only when we pressure the european nations in times of horror such as bosnia do we see europe step up

I am also sick of the phrase: America would not be America without immigrants. Neither would Germany, Mexico, Australia, Canada, France, Italy, Israel---nearly every western country is a product of immigration, whether it was more predominent in the past 100 years or 200 years or 500 years. So people need to quit saying we are a nation of immigrants; my family has been here well over 300 years, when do I get to say I am not an immigrant?.

We have no problems with accepting LEGAL immigration. We welcome it. Our issue is with ILLEGAL immigration. Please ask yourself how you would feel if 12 to 20 million people were in your country taking the jobs that belong to you and your family. Not only do they take our jobs they are shutting down our hospitals (Women come here from all over the world to have their babies at tax payers expense) and their newborn child automatically becomes an American citizen. Most american citizens can't afford health care for themselves but we are having to pay for the illegals healthcare while we go untreated and uncared for. Our schools are over loaded and our childrens education is suffering. The illegals do not have to abide by the same laws that Americans are held to. They enter into our country illegally then they use fraudulent documentation to take our jobs, they steal our social security numbers and our identity for their own selfish needs. They don't pay taxes and they don't have drivers license or auto insurance. If an American was caught breaking any of these laws we would be immediately prosecuted.
Yes we are a free country meaning we have freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, FREEDOM. But it is not FREE to live in the USA. We pay highly to live here. We pay income tax, sales tax, property tax, school tax, death tax, tax and title, phone tax and any other tax our govenment can stick us with. The USA is the most charitable country in the world and we care about our fellow man but not to our own detriment.

We do welcome legal immigration.What we are protesting,complaining about is the illegal that comes across our borders and demonstrates in our streets,desecrating our flag,demanding rights that are reserved for only American legal citizens.They over crowd our schools,prisons,hospital Er's,work for substandard wages and lower the standard of the country they invade.We have many welcomed legal immigrants in this country .They have assimilated into the American way of life.We are being over run by illegals that want to make this country a bigger better where ever they left,they do not want to become a part of this nation.They only desire that we change for them.They refuse to learn our primary language and insist we instead learn theirs.
That's some of the reasons Illegals aren't wanted in the USA. I see a lot of European country's that are struggling with their own immigration problems so the USA is not alone on this issue.
Jack,how unhappy you must be with your lot in life,first of all your "facts " aren't correct.the Indian was not indigenous to this country,having migrated across the Bering Strait from other Continents.Mexico started the war and was beaten by the US and we aguired parts of the southwest as the spoils of war plus paid them a total of $18.250 million for the lands.My ancestors came to this New World in 1702,they were merchants from Germany looking to expand their holdings.They were NEVER illegal.The legal immigrants that are in this country are glad to be here and are welcomed by us,we will never accept the illegality of the people invading this country from the southern border.I live in Arizona and I see it every day .Find out what illegal really means,Before you make racists remarks against "red necks".

September 11th tough a lot of lessons...

john b
Because the immigrants are tapping our resources for free, while the rest of us Legals must buy our own health insurance, car insurance, we work legally, and we don't poop out 15 kids just for welfare.

Daniel M
America accepted more immigrants in the 1990s than in any other decade in its history. It was the single largest wave of migration into one nation, of any nation on earth, ever! Not to mention all the illegals that come in every day.

It has been the same for decades, but now they want to come and destroy us from the inside.

look around, it doesnt even look like we have any laws. or any border patrol.

shirley e
Good GOD here we go again, as if this question hasnt been asked enough already.

We ( United States) are so fed up with having to pay out of our pockets for all of their medical expenses, food, free money. The ILLEGALS are bankrupting our economy. If you like them so much, please feel free to take another 50 million.

USA has nothing against immigrants. Proper visas is not too much to ask. I doubt any European country allows people in the country illegally. The USA is trying to prevent the illegal immigration, not immigration in general. Country was built on legal immigration, but the illegal immigration leads to over crowding, lack of work for those who do it legally, etc.

mark g
Yep Euorpe welcomes them in, and then like France starves them because they will not give them a job. Get real.

In this day and age, until we can totally trust the population of the whole world (including us), all countries should be strict on immigration...we have to learn now, how to support, supply, educate, and work to perserve our own now...the question is, what do we do with the immigrants that are now here...most of them contribute to our society, but again, its all about trust.....

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