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What changes need to be made for immigration in America?
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What changes need to be made for immigration in America?


Just about all of them, they're stupid and foolish and take years to do it the 'legal' way. Amnesty to the illegal parents of that immigrant young boy fighting for this country that looks down on him!! In fact amnesty to all in the U.S. right now!! They should fix the damn laws too!! Make the worthless minutemen get a job and get out of the border!!

Close the border. If your parents are not here legally and you are born here you should not be given citizenship. We should increase the number of people we allow in from Mexico and make sure they meet the requirements. If you want to come to America and be an American then learn to speak the language and adopt the culture. What happened to the melting pot? The people living here illegally should be arrested and deported. Employers who hire illegals should be punished -- the I-9 system is a joke. We should have national ID cards and a computerized system to verify if the card is valid or not -- just like a credit card.

Well if illegal aliens are found deport them like the government is doing now.
I know that there are children involved born in the US but I don't think that should be a excuse for the parents to stay.
Sorry to say but the children should go back with them until their 18th birthday because buy law they do have duel citizenship.
Then they should have the choice if they want to come back or stay where they are.
It does break my heart to see good people get a bad reputation because of sad sacks that don't know how to behave.

No changes are needed. The government must enforce the current laws (e.g., jail employers that hire illegal alien criminals, deport the illegal alien criminals that are here, stop "catch & release").

We need to actually enfoce these laws and not allow illegal aliens to keep their jobs if they make no effort to become a citizen. I think that the us government should increase the number of legal immigrants that are allowed enter the country to deter illegal immigrants If a person can speak english and hold on to a job than they should be given the chance to be a citizen. On the same note, I think that one member from the immigrating family should have to serve in the military for four years or participate in a dictated community service while the rest of the family works and learns english at the same time. Illegal immigrants with jobs who are already here should be granted amnesty on the condition that they apply for citizenship, begin paying taxes, and speak English. ALL American laws should apply to aliens whether they are legal or illegal as well.

Changes I think should be made on immigration are:

1. Tighten border security
2. Make it a felony to be illegal
3. Enforce immigration laws
4. Make it so that if you have a baby in the US, that doesn't mean you're a citizen
5. Make it so that if you marry a US citizen, you still have to get your citizenship
6. If illegal aliens are deported, send their whole family with them, not just the illegal alien
7. Make it a felony to hire any illegal aliens

Illegal immigration from the south-
Build a wall and shoot the f-ers that try to cross the border.
Canada Immigration- most canadians dont like to come to America and why should they? They have it too easy in Canada. I think they should be taxed because if they were ever attacked, the US would have to fight for them. They should also be enlisted in the draft, should it ever occur again.

Gary J
None, we have very good immigration laws right now, we do not need reform, we need enforcement.

Christina H
No changes to the laws needed. We just need to have our government entities enforce the laws we now have on the books and DEPORT EVERY ILLEGAL CRIMINAL ALIEN NOW!

Anthony L
We should not allow immigration in my opinion.

Now before everyone stops reading this and just writes me off as a racist, hear me out. Living in America is a privilege, not a right. We are allowing people to come from all over the world and embrace our country. There are steps and stipulations that are supposed to be followed to get in but once achieved, you will be a legal citizen and have all the benefits that every citizen has in this country. That is how it is supposed to be. The problem is, we have people that want to skip all those steps and just come on over uninvited. That usually means they are not here to embrace our country rather then exploit it. Our problem is, we let them. That is our fault. If we cannot regulate and enforce the people coming over here, then we need to close our borders completely. Obviously we cannot enforce our immigration paramaters so we should just cut it off entirely. I know, why should we punish everyone for one group of people right? Thats what we do in countless of other situations, we punish the whole group instead of trying to weed out the bad apples. Then all of the illegal immigrants will have to answer to the ones in their country that are making a honest effort to get in and can't because of their laziness.

the government needs to stop granting amnesty to them and enforce the laws that were made, stop giving them social security, stop giving them welfare, foodstamps and housing, anyone that hires or rents to them should be given large fines, america needs to stop conforming to illegals needs and make them LEARN ENGLISH instead of having to press 1 for english everytime u call somthing and stop making all products and papers include spanish writing on them, i went to the health dept. recently to get my sons shot records printed out in the correct form for the school and every single thing posted in that place was in spanish and only a few papers had english UNDER the spanish now that is sad, and stop getting translators for them if they dont speak english duh they dont belong here! the way its going their going to turn this nations language into spanish oh by the if you went to another country do you honestly think they would bend over backwards for you? my bet is on them taking advantage of you and ripping you off and snubbing you for not speaking their language

Build a 20 foot high fence at the border !!!

Stop it. We have enough of your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore, the homeless, and tempest-lost.

Great Dalmuti
We need to enforce the laws that we currently have on the books and hold responsible the politicians and businesses who do not uphold the law. Stop giving perks like free healthcare and education to illegals and end anchor baby status. We also need a ten year moratorium on all immigration so that we have time to round up illegals and deport them. However none of our politicians who are insiders in the RNC and DNC are interested in this because they only care about cheap labor and appeasing the illegals and hoping to add them to their voting block. Therefore the only thing will probably ever solve illegal immigration is when the system completely breaks down and the United States becomes a balkanized third world country or the people get fed up with all of this and storm Washington DC and demand the arrest and removal of power of the traitors in Washington. You give the Great Dalmutti complete power for 10 years and I promise you there will be no problem with illegal immigration when I am done. The Illegals would be making a run back accross the border at full speed not trying to sneak in.

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