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Why are Americans so apathetic about their country's decline?
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Why are Americans so apathetic about their country's decline?

illegal aliens are spending tax dollars, deluting our wages, spreading diseases once eradicated, destroying our culture challenging our system of laws and culture refusing to speak English or asimilate. Or become non-hyphenated Americans


1. Most illegal aliens also PAY taxes.
2. This is just wrong - have you ever taken a basic economics course?
3. Based on this logic, we should also halt all international trade.
4. "Culture" is something that is unique to a social, racial or ethnic group. No one can destroy someone's "culture" except the culture itself.
5. Our system of laws needs to be challenged.
6. Haven't you heard? The world is being globalized. Learn a new language.

Are you Native American? I know I'm not. My parents are immigrants from Scotland. The nations economy was built on cheap immigrant labor. The steel industry in the late nineteenth century was run entirally by non english speaking workers, mostly Slovak. Without the steel industry, especially in Pittsburgh nothing would have happened. People complained about those immigrants, too.

Maybe cause they lack the sense of belonging!

Look no further than your pathetic leader

Tony, ya feel me?
I thought you were talking about everything else, and not just the immigration problem. Craaaaazy....

man there is no way you can ever have an independent USA people will keep on coming to ur country whether u like it or not so pliz love all pple

I think most of Americans agree with you, but they keep it to their self. I think they are affraid things will go back they way they were in the 60's and rascim wili be everywhere.

I don't know, but we should be rioting in the streets throwing the bums out of their houses and back across the border.

New Yorker
Yes and while they are spending your tax dollars they are also working in the jobs that put food on your plate, they work for smaller than legal wages, earning almost nothing but working hard so they can survive, if they were gone, prices would sky rocket as americans would no longer have the illegals to push around!

No if you really want to be concerned about your beloved nation you should be more worried about the Neocons running the country who have planned and carried out plans to brutally murder thousands of innocent civilians, just like the events of Sept 11, yes thats right george bush himself, the mastermind behind the plan, he is the real enemy here, not the poor migrant workers who are just trying to feed their families!

Incompetence, bureaucarcy (red tape) is increasing in America. Look at who they have elected. Tell me honestly, does he look intelligent?

i'm not american nor do i have a large affinity for americans but the other day i was tv (yes, american television) and one of these restaurants was having a cinco de mayo special. what the hell. isn't that the mexican independence day. what kind of unpatriotic...actually no, treasonous s h it is that. i somewhat agree with u.

about the disease (and rather racist) point, i think u may have it backwards. my friend came back from miami last week and brought with her the flu. so if anyone is spreading disease it's you guys. just kidding. don't be a retard man. diseases spread, that just how it is and to suggest that american are somehow disease free and the rest of the world is disease ridden is ridiculous.

I don't think Americans are apathetic about it. The only ones that are crying about laws about it are the ones that enjoy the cheap labor and the illegals themselves.

In every transaction there is a cost and a benefit, in this case the benefits outnumber the costs.

get some busses and send them back...

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