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Why are illegal immigrants allowed to stay in the US?
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Why are illegal immigrants allowed to stay in the US?


Amy C
you want a house built?

because they are really needed here, regardless of what the anti's say. They do the work Citizens refuse to do, they pump billions into our economy, they pay billions in taxes, and they help many us companies move forward, helping them make huge profits, and that allows them to keep prices low.....we all win!

But the Republicans will tell you that Obama wants them here so they can vote for him, and win another term. And this is the same reason why they are so up in arms spreading as many lies as they can. Their little evil plan is to try and get people to stop Amnesty....LOL

Contributions of Immigrants to the United States
(legal & illegal)

The data indicate that immigrants contribute more than $30 billion in income for American workers (U.S. born). In terms of innovation per capita, immigrants in the U.S. beat the U.S. born workers.

The study found that on average, immigrants and their offspring contribute nearly $80,000 more in tax revenue compared to natives. This figure helps to offset the problem that will arise with the nation’s Social Security system, but it will not take care of the problem entirely. Due to the large number of “Baby Boomers” retiring in the near future, the number of retirees will outnumber the number of contributors. The Medicare program has also seen an increase in enrollees and will also benefit from addition tax revenue.

Ryan N
I don't know.

All non-natives, out, NOW.

Just U
If they made it here across the border, work and pay taxes they should be allow to stay in the usa. so many people that live here sit on thir hands all day watching judge shows not paying taxes and getting my tax dollars. The border should be more secure if they want people to stay out. I say if they have no record, have a job and living right let them be. Its our fault they got in EDIT why are you all upset what have they done to hurt you get a life please and leave them alone only God can judge

✥ The Ocelot ✥
Because liberals want as many unemployed welfare mothers in the country as possible.

Just curious
because obama wants more people here on his side when the truth is revealed. he feels if all these illegal immigrants are here, they will help destroy us when it's time.

They are not. But, you would have to catch them before you can deport them.
How many US employers who illegally employ undocumented workers are willing to turn them in to the authorities?

Because it is USA!

Because our government doesn't have the balls to deport them. They're afraid of the ACLU, and Hispanic organizations for illegals suing them.

xx runescape XD!
It's because the liberals want as many unemployed welfare people in the country as possible.

The other side
Because they are already here.

Joe C
They are not and never were allowed to stay in this country.

It just that big and small business wants cheap immigrant labor and they bribe the government not to enforce the laws.

Chesty Puller Lives
several answers, take your pick:

1.) expense in identifying and getting the scumball ILLEGAL ALIENS out.
2.) ILLEGAL ALIENS work cheap and some people on both sides of the aisle like that.
3.) ILLEGAL ALIENS have anchor babies and HOW dare we Americans throw anyone born out of the US with their ILLEGAL ALIEN breeding parents.
4.) The Democrats love the idea that when reform rolls around those ILLEGAL ALIENS will more than LIKELY vote Democrat.
5.) There aren't enough places to hide their bodies!

6.) There is ONLY one Sheriff Joe for the ENTIRE US and he can only handle Maricopa County in AZ.
(God Bless that MAN!)

Greg N
Strictly speaking in regard to federal immigration law, they are not allowed to stay.

However, just because a law exists does not mean it will be enforced effectively.

What if I asked you, "Why are drivers allowed to speed?" They are allowed to speed because there are not enough traffic police officers to provide a sufficient deterrant to speeding.

Likewise, we do not have enough law enforcement officers to sufficiently detect, detain, and deport all illegal aliens. They focus their resources on alien gang members, convict aliens, and aliens caught through other means by other agencies who hold aliens for immigration officials.

Ice 'em
Because our government has no spine and some bleeding heart illegal lovers want them here. We should enforce our immigration laws that are on the books and secure our borders, put an end to this disaster.

Well,one problem is the number of illegal immigrants - there's estimated to be about 12 million in the US. Attempting to gather up such a huge number would be a very difficult, and costly, endeavor. In fact, one cost estimate for doing so was $41 billion dollars.

Another problem are 'anchor babies.' Children born on US soil have the right to US Citizenship. This is why you hear various politicians suggesting we change how citizenship is granted.

Also you have people who rely on an uneducated, unskilled, very cheap workforce. Various businesses will put their lobbying abilities to work trying to let illegal immigrants stay because they are a workforce that can be paid well below minimum wage.

And, finally, you have probably the biggest reason - voter blocks. You saw in the last presidential election both parties trying to court latino votes. So long as a sizable voting block states that it supports illegal immigrants, politicians will pander to it.

I should note that what I state here is generalizations.

To help the corporations keep the wages down.

Edit: Amy C, I build houses, and I am more cost affective than an illegal alien crew because I have less wasted materials, less time rebuilding, and redoing after building inspections. Not to mention I have a legal right to build homes in the U.S. and the crews I work with can finish the job on time because we're not having to work our way back into the country.

Ansi C
Who said they are "allowed" to stay?

because many people feel sorry for their lame bleeding heart stories, our gov. will not enforce laws already on books, they want votes and have organizations like acorn illegally getting them, racist groups like la raza whining. They are not needed or wanted here by American citizens! report and deport.

Because our damn government don't have the guts to take on the problems with illegals.Not just this WH but all those in the past too.They will turn their heads on us Americans in a second if they thought they could get more votes to boost their ego's.They don't care that we tax payers are pushed to the end of our ropes with having to deal with illegals they invade our schools,hosp,welfare offices and such and if we complain then we are racist,will guess what call me a racist if you must as Im not against one race Im against all races that are here illegally.I live in Texas so I see it first hand what happens at our borders with Mexico but I also drive by 2 convenience stores on my way to work that is run by illegals from Pakistan so its not about the race, its all about being here illegally and getting better treatment then our elderly that live on a fix income and sometimes have to chose between medication ,food or electricity this month.

b/c americans hire them encouraging them to stay duh...i live in a republican small town in texas...and all of them have a "mexican for a gardener/ cleaning lady/ handyman...lol...it's so funny and then they all say "boo to obama"...weird...i'm like are you that dumb...

For those of you who say they pay more than they take in, what planet are you from. They pay no SSI, medicare, or federal income taxes. They also send a good pct of their inder the table wages back to mexico. You say they pay sales tax, well yes they do. 1000 illegals paying sales tax on goods they buy cover only a small pct of the money they cost taxpayers when they use the emergency rooms for their healthcare. To fix a broken leg of an illegal immigrant in an emergency room costs more than all the sales tax 5000 illegals will pay in 1 year. I am not even going to discuss anchor babies, drug smuggling and other crimes they commit. Bleed heart liberals want them here to vote democrat so they can get more free stuff.

kisha young
First of all why is it a big deal if immigrants are over here then been over here...why sense obama is in office people trying to put it all on him....you was not worried about it before is it because of his skin....

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