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Why are you people so racist against mexicans?
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Why are you people so racist against mexicans?

I mean, look, this is probably you, you see a mexican and you think in your head, " hes an illegal alien" thats wrong! See how you people are tearing everyone apart. I mean lets not just stick with mexicans, but all latinos.Why you sick mean people, why?


If you came to this country before 9/11 you should be allowed to remain a citizen , if you came after you should have to go back........... that's should be the rule. I dont think that way , just think its wrong that they let so many in from other countries.. NOT JUST MEX people.

And how many of the illegals are on full welfare, Food, medical, cash. That's just crap Like we dont have enough deadbeats to support. But they can walk in , not even show proof of anything if they are illegal they are approved. While we would have to give our social security info, Drivers Id, Marriage License, Car titles, ect.

why are many Mexicans screaming we should ignore the law and let people stay here illegally? Not all of us are racists. In the meantime, hit the road pal.

Moody baseball Champs
DJ.congratualtions on being able to tell the difference between legals and illegals. You should be proud of yourself.

slack action, spoken like a typical white American.Let us know if you have further orders.

I am racist against people who move to america and NEVER learn to speak english.

I love mexicans, you guys are awesome! I just dont like when people of ANY race move here and expect to get by without knowing more than "no" and "yes" in english. Also, the textbook I have is COMPLETELY in english. However, it has a SPANISH glossary! WTF? Why dont 1) you learn english and 2) you make a different book thats completely in spanish?

The world today is becoming racist, alright. To white people. Now, we cant get hired at walmart unless we're old, dumb, deaf, or retarded, no offense.

What has america come to?

Baby F
Why do you keep bringing up race, It has nothing to do with it!
So come on, stop it! Send back anyone that came illegally. Not just the Mexicans!

You break the law, you go to jail! You break immigration laws, you get deported!

tammer197... <---- is nuts!

Nothing racist against Latinos but if they want to live and work in the US then they need to become US Citizens like the Millions of other immigrants who came to the US did!!

The Great Walrus
I don't think that way....It's your country-love it or leave it. Actually when I see a Mexican, I personally think they have great spirit....for their ancestors, tradition, and heritage.....it was never like that in America, since our heritage is truly from England. I think that if the people here in America don't like all the supposed "Immigrants", then they can move to Mexico!

before, they were taking away jobs that nobody wanted. however, now they are heavily into the construction industry. those jobs pay well to americans who can get them.

Cameran F
Actually when I see a mexican, I don't judge him b/c he is a mexican, at a lot of my jobs, I have worked with many, many mexicans and the majority of them , they are all extremely hard working and funny and love to have a good time. They can say crude things sometimes, and sometimes talk in spanish about you, but who doesn't do **** like that? I personally think that mexicans who come into this country, Legally, shouldn't have any discriminations against them. They work harder than some of the jobless / homeless people that were BORN in this country. They know what they want, and they get it. They save all their money and are nice and courteous to everybody and mind their own bussiness. I think that reason that most people see mexicans in a harsh way b/c they only hear about them jumping the border. ANd obviously its a lot easier for them, and latin america to do so, b/c there is no boat to cross .. you just have to jump in the back of a truck. Sometimes you gotta do what u gotta do. I mean, no body wants some of the jobs they have anyway, so why do they care if they come here and make their living and go home? They only problem I have is when they come here and drive like maniacs and get into accidents, and a lot of the time have no insurance. Thats why we should start better kinds of immigration laws that really help the people who are serious about coming into this country and work hard to get citizen ship. B/C if being a U.S. citizen is that important to you, then you won't mind going thru all the red tape to get it. As far as Latinos and other non- caucasian i guess you could say, Mexicans also seem to be the only race in this country that don't prance around and rant and rave about how their looked down upon or that they are victims of harassment. And for some reason, their race is the majority of which gets such discrimination. Ironic I think. Who knows.. their such hard workers we might wake up one day, after complainging about them and talkin ****.. and they will be the majority of population with the best jobs b/c they work for all they have. Well I guess that was a lot of writing i did LoL.. I just felt compelled to say what I felt.

Well there may be some that act that way, but you will find if you really read on here there are most of us that are against Illegals period. Right now the biggest fight is with the Southern Border..and excuse me if I may, but If we as Americans cannot get that right how are we to protect our country? I mean look what happened to this country on 9/11 and no I am not blaming Mexicans..If you get the point behind this, that is a scary thought if you mix the fact that we cannot even protect our borders period. Just the other day I read in the paper that a Iraq family had crossed over from one of the southern borders. Does that mean now I am against all Iraq people? No, but again think outside the box for a min. The problem stem right here in this room as a perfect example of whenever some of us report news and post as a question about something on the news new about recent updates on the Illegal immigration thing and the next thing you know you are called a racist. I have NO problem with people from any race coming over as long as they do it the LEGAL way..bust their butt and prove that they want to be apart of this great country. Are there some losers out there sure, but be that as it may there are losers in any race, creed, and religion..don't just base it on this forum get.

Brenna M
Don't forget to set your Tivos!!! Finally, all America is going to hear the story of how our government is trying to hang these two border patrol agents!!

America's Most Wanted is going to be covering the story about the two border patrol agents--Ramos and Compean--on tonight's show!!!

You can go to this site to read a description of what the show is going to be about!!!




Go to forums>>>General Discussion

I am against all illegal immigration. Unfortunately our neighbors south make up the majority of the illegal population. And when I wrote south I just didn't concentrate on Mexico.

Also I agree with JuanCarlo 100%

I am not a racist! I am strongly against the illegal alien criminal. Sure, most are from Mexico but I don't care where they are from. What part of ILLEGAL don't you understand?

I don't look at someone that is Hispanic and think "he's an illegal alien." I may wonder about status when I see a woman at the grocery story that doesn't speak any English and is paying in cash but I don't know and I don't assume.

American patriots are not tearing this country apart. The problem are the illegal alien criminals and how they are turning our country into a 3rd world country. They are sponging off the taxpayer.

Why am I at fault for the actions on over 20 million criminals? I am not mean. I just want people to obey the law. The illegal alien criminals are breaking the law PERIOD!

slack action
Here we go again. Sure, some people just don't like Mexicans. I like Mexicans as much as any other group of people. My wife is half Mexican. I think a lot of hatred of Mexico has been stirred up over illegal immigration, the amnesty rallies all over the U.S. where they flew the Mexican flag. In Maywood California where they tore down the U.S. flag over the post office and put up a Mexican flag. There is a strong movement underway through college professors and politicians to 'reclaim' America, the reconquistas, Atzlan, Mecha, La Raza, etc. The Mexican extremists aren't doing themselves any favor in the eyes of most Americans. If you want to be the spokesperson for all Mexicans, then tell your people to chill out and show some respect.

do you know what racism is? define the word. going by your definition, that is nothing but "stereotype". It is not racism and they both are highly different. However, stereotyping is wrong. I agree that not all Mexicans are illegal. It is fact that the majority of illegals are from Mexico because the border is closest to the United States. We are not making this statistic up. It is fact. second, when "illegal immigrant" is mentioned by anyone, it is you and others that immediately assume we are referencing Mexicans despite the fact we have never even mentioned Mexican people. It is also fact that "illegal immigrant" is not a race and to assume that we are talking about Mexicans prove that you are the actual one that is racist or stereotypical.

We're tired of being everyones patsy. It's not a race issue. you realize that the United States is only 6% of the world's population, but yet were expected to take care of over half the world's problems. Enforcement of UN resolutions, yada yada yada. And this is our fault And who's fitting the bill? We are as usual. We just need to clean up our own yard fist, it needs alot of work.

I don't really think its all about being racist (yea, there are some on a small percentage who are racists), but I just think that its about being tired of the system that is suppose to give rights and benefits to legal people and all the "illegals" draining the system. You also have to remember the highest percentage of illegals are form Mexico, and in case you did not know, also remember the way INS has all illegals listed in their system (key word, illegal), is under two catagories.
1 - Mexican
2 - OTM (Other than Mexican),
so what does that tell you??? But yes there are racist people out there, but for the most part its just "fed up and tired"!!!!!!

12-20 million illegal hispanics are in the US. It's not racist to see and speak the truth, no matter how unpopular it might be sometimes. I am not a racist, and was married to a former illegal. I was immersed into his family and culture. It isn't difficult for me to tell the difference between legals and illegals. And most of them will tell you their status if they think you don't care or support them. Being anti-illegal does not automatically or even usually mean that person is a racist. I do think it's racist of the invaders to expect us to accept them because of their race, to prove that we aren't racist. Why should we have to prove anything to people who don't respect our laws, no matter their race or country of origin?

I do not know why people are like that, but I LOOK AT EVERYONE AS GODS PEOPLE. I also wonder why people look down on Mexicans, they are good hard working honest people like everyone else they are bad apples in ever race. we just ask god to help them. I HAVE BEEN WITH MY BOYFRIEND FOR NINE YEARS NOW AND HE IS MEXICAN AND I really hate when I HERE SOMEONE SAY SOMETHING I USUALLY LOOSE MY TEMPER AND GIVE THEM A MOUTH FULL. I hope one day everyone can live in peace and their will be no racism. god bless you

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico in 1985, and brought to the United States at the age of two. Raised by the typical hispanic parents, full of culture and morals.... Undoubtedly, a child full of talent and dreams to become someone in life. Involved in churh, co founder of a community service club, honor roll. All to find out in highschool that a paper sets her aside from everyone else around her. She is devastated, but her dreams and goals are attached to her and she cant let go. She goes on to college, earns an enginnering degree, (graduating top of her class, and president of an engineering club) and continues her education in law school, all while working full time as a waitress to finance her tuition. Now, she is faced with the decision of having to leave this beautiful nation. She would love to stay and give back to the country she calls home. She has nothing against anyone, and respects everyone's point of view. All she asks is to please dont judge her people wrong. Just imagine it was your child going through this. Her dreams are reaching an end. She hopes that peace could exist, and if there's aything she could do for you, she will be glad to help. GOD BLESS THE US!

Hello and I am mexican and I think mexicans that come to the US act so stupid! It ashames me that people from my own country act like this in a country that is not even theirs. Waving their flag and speaking in spainsh in fornt of people that do not know how to speak spanish, i find it really immature and disrespectful. If mexico is such a great country then why are you here? I came to US because mexico is the worst country to live in because of their government corruption and their drug dealing. But it doesnt mean I am on food stamps or get wellfair. I work everyday and pay for my expencies with the money I sweat and work for. I just wish that more mexicans that mirgrate to the US are more respectful and try to be more polite!

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